Sunday, June 18, 2006

Last but not least.

Meg, I saved you for last cause you're amazing.
Put this whole shin-dig together for us.
Love my kid like she's your own.
Have me over for dinner because Ron's gone.
Meet at the park cause we need some adult time while the kids enjoy each other.
Give advice.
Give hugs.
Share your lives with us.
You have been our family for 7 years and I am lost thinking that you won't be 10 minutes away.

I love you!


Megan said...

Thanks, JJ. I can't say anything else. I love you too!

tara said...

it's so hard to leave home.
i know because i am going through it right now.
i totally get it. i hope you meet new friends and i am sure you will because you are so nice! and i know you will always remember and cherish the old.
take care friend.
hugs to you all!
have a fun journey. remember to take photos!

erin said...

It breaks my heart reading about your move because I know we'll be there soon. It's so hard but we are so blessed to have our lives touched by so many dear friends. See you soon!

Megan's Mom said...

Tissues, AGAIN!...your'e killing me here....It is really hard to see the two of you be in different states!!!!You just have to BLOG often!...You have a strong friendship and distance won't break that bond...Again,have a safe and happy travel...relocation is always an adventure! Blessings to you and Good Luck!