Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I swear if I have to go upstairs one more time during Alla's supposed naptime to cut a tag off of her zebra (why did the damn thing need two?), I will probably go insane.

2. Today is Jack Johnson day!

3. We are completely out of cheese. I cannot believe this. Must get some immediately. I need like a cheese of the day club or something.

4. Have you been to Skin Deep? Something addicting about that site. I am almost out of my regular Cetaphil moisturizer so I thought I'd check it out and see how it rates. Yikes, it's like a 5 or something. Not good. But here's my problem: I am not going to special order products, or pay $80 for a nighttime moisturizer. It needs to be readily available (preferably at Target) and inexpensive. I KNOW there is something out there that fits the bill. Here's what I've come up with: for day, for night, and for an extra treat at night.

5. Alla is hooked on Go Diego Go after watching it for the first time on Friday. It is a serious reward at this point.

6. Less than 5 weeks to go. Whoa.

7. If all of the airlines adopt this bullshit $25-for-a-second-bag policy, especially Northwest, I swear to God I will not ever.fly.anywhere.

8. Need to add this dear friend to my list at right, but in the meantime go check her out: Love Bug Squared.

9. Ron will be doing his political duty and caucusing this evening.

10. Pondegore's clothes are washed and put away. This baby has more socks than the rest of us combined.


Megan said...

Jamie loves Go Diego Go. It's a great show. Yay, only 5 more weeks and then we will be there soon after. I can't wait!

Susie said...

you sound a little cranky today.
are you cranky? Is your pelvic floor bothering you?
Good news: 5 more weeks! (or less)
(let's not talk about more)

Jeremiah said...

Tsk tsk... 2 cuss words in one post?! Wow. I really don't know why kids stuffed-things have to have tags to begin with, but really JJ, watch your language!!! ;-)

andrealavin said...

i approve of your skin regimen :) what $25 second bag fee? that is bull shit!!!

Katie said...

Wow it's tough to score a low hazard, even Dr. Murad can't get it right! It is kind of addicting I keep looking up all kinds of random products even ones I don't use! But not convinced of what it really means? And, um your day time moisturizer company tests on animals.

Gosh 5 weeks left, really? Oh, I can't wait to see the pictures!

erin said...

From one horribly dry skin girl to another I'll let you in on my nasty, greasy secret: crisco. I know it's disgusting but it's seriously the only thing that heals my dry, cracked hands without causing me to break out into a nasty rash or burning itch!

Sue Thomas said...

Did you get the Jack Johnson CD? I haven't stopped listening to it since I picked it up! Hope your last 5 weeks goes quickly!!!!!!

Tara said...

5 More WEEKS - I can't wait - SERIOUSLY!

Amy said...

Yay for Jack Johnson (another J.J.!). I just bought it today :-)

Holy s**t I'm pissed about that $25 for a second bag thing too. Jeesh. . .