Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend wrap-up.

I realize that any blog absence at this point will result in some thinking I may be in labor. Don't be silly, this girl will be around at forty weeks, I promise. Remembering last time...

I did, however, have a sick day on Thursday (Happy Valentine's Day), and am just now feeling caught up.

Having a good, productive yet relaxing weekend here. It's a balmy 33 degrees here today, which may sound frigid to you Californians, but we went out without gloves or hats today, that's how warm we all are. And saw someone go into Archiver's with flip-flops on. Ok, it's not that warm.

This weekend...

I cleaned the house top to bottom. Yeah, I'll probably be here at forty weeks, but just in case.

I napped.

Ron put Alla's new carseat in, and on her inaugural ride today she told me over and over, I love my big girl carseat. I never had a big girl carseat before! Pondegore's carseat is residing in Ron's car for the time being, til he or she comes home from the hospital. Anytime you're ready, little one, I'm just saying.

I froze another meal.

Alla ate her weight in edamame.

I put dates on all the photos I had printed from March - December of last year, and tonight's mission is to put them in the albums. Big job. Big relief when it's done.

We watched Eastern Promises for date night last night.

I'm enjoying Eat Pray Love. This would also be a great nursing book, since it's divided into 108 teensy chapters.

Last but not least, my daughter wrote her name. Not sure why it's giant at the top and normal-sized at the bottom, or why her choice of uppercase A's and lowercase l's but it'll do. We're just a little proud:)


Megan said...

Good job, Alla. That is some great writing!

Melanie said...

we sound like we're doing so many of the same things! i just had to do a blog update for the very same reason. ;)

would love to know what you're freezing over there...

boo arnold said...

Way to go ALLA!!!!

Mattie Sue just got her big girl car seat too! We had to say it was from Nama for her to sit in it. After accepting that reasoning she too said...'I love my big girl car seat!'

Ever closer lil one!!!!


Susie said...

can you believe we just had edamame for the first time on Friday- they were so good. WHere was I living before then?

GOod job Alla, girl!

andrealavin said...

good guess. i was thinking i should call to make sure. thanks for the update. i'm thinking of you and sending good vibes :) luv dre

A.K. said...

go Alla! That's a huge step! I have about 1/4 of my preschool kids that can do it, some are close, and the rest are just out there!

Shelly Z. said...

You are ready to have this baby! I need an excuse to clean my house top to bottom :-)

LOVED Alla's name!!

Tara said...

Great job Alla - your name looks great.

Now that you mentioned filing photos it reminds me that I have to do the same thing. ARRGHHHH

It does feel good when it is all done.

Norina said...

You are so very productive JJ! I can barely get out of bed, that's my major feat for the day LOL! Awesome that Alla is writing her name. We saw Eastern Promises last week...interesting movie.