Monday, February 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Despite my best efforts, I have contracted Ron and Alla's filthy cold.

2. Alla is in full animal-rescuer mode. She has taken my measuring tape to use as a rope to rescue animals such as baby humpback whales and tapirs, and is using an old toilet paper roll (that she decorated, no less) as a spotting scope.

3. It was so nice to have my husband home yesterday. Granted, he took a sick day to try and fully recover from his cold, and really just ended up taking care of me, but it was lovely not to be on our own right at the beginning of feeling crummy. Thanks, babe.

4. I can't believe this baby is due in twelve-ish days. Due dates mean nothing to babies, however. Maybe the new moon on the 7th will bring us some baby vibes.

5. We still haven't packed our hospital bags.

6. Let's revisit the topic of who Alla sleeps with. First, of course, there was Baby Rolla, who got kicked to the curb for the borrowed Kevin. When Kevin was returned, Zebra took his place. And then this weekend she rediscovered the penguin that Aunt Renee gave her for Christmas - a Happy Feet penguin, of course (I think it's "Gloria," but Alla just assumed it was "Mumble," so that was the official name.), who has now been renamed "Pepito" after a penguin that Diego rescued on a recent episode.

7. Picked up egg dye kits this weekend at Target, so we're all ready for Easter while I'm recovering from this birth and adjusting to new mom of two life. Just need a little bunny for the baby, but who knew those are not in any way gender neutral! By the way, when does the Easter Bunny arrive at the malls? Surely Alla will want to see him, and hopefully before the baby arrives.

8. Want the new Erykah Badu CD. New Erykah Badu. Been a long time.

9. I'm reading magazines like crazy. All the March magazines have already been read: Real Simple, Simple Scrapbooks, Wondertime. You'd think I would save some for the hospital or something. Truth is, I don't remember reading a single thing at the hospital last time. What on earth did I do there for three days?

10. Today Alla is 34 months old. Can't believe I've been taking a snapshot of her every month on the 26th for 34 months now.

Some shopping answers from the kiddos' room for those who were wondering...

The First Year Frame comes from Pottery Barn Kids

The canvas comes from


Sue Thomas said...

Sounds like you're almost ready so get that hospital bag packed so this baby can come, j.j.! Cute photo of big sister, alla!!

Norina said...

Damn it! You're stil here? I was hoping the no writing over the weekend meant you were busy birthing or something LOL! Hope you feel better from this yucky cold soon. Alla looks so grown up in that picture! (((HUGS)))

ncalmom said...

Thanks for the tip about the canvas! BTW, you should checkout I See Me specifically "My Very Own Name Book." I just did one as 1st B-day gift and they are really unique and special. I was reminded of this when I saw Alla writing her name. She might like to see her name spelled out in a book. Anyway, I love reading your blog! Best wishes with your upcoming baby!

Megan said...

I can't get over how big and grown Alla looks. I bet she will look so mature next to the new baby. I know Mazie did with Jamie and Jamie with Jacob. I hope you feel better soon.

pakosta said...

she looks SO BIG!
get that bag packed!
mine were 10 days late and 2 days late, but that doesn't mean this one will be late!

Dre said...

feel better darling. you will need your strength soon. sending healing vibes (and labor vibes) and love vibes :) xoxo dre

Amy said...

A cold. . . that surely means the baby is coming soon! You better get those bags packed ;-)

Cathy Bolander said...

I love how she looks like a big girl. I thought for sure you had given birth already. I still am hoping for a February baby for you.

Melanie said...

miss alla looks so big these days! and yes, i was looking at easter stuff as well. gender neutral? hardly!

there's this carter's baby's first easter outfit at target i look at every time i'm there. so flippin' cute!

Renee said...

Oh my goodness!! make Alla stop getting older! lol, she looks so grown :) I predict that pondegore will make his or her entry into the world on march 8th...such a special day ;) lol, I've been calling Ronnie at random times of the day to make sure you haven't gone into labor yet. Hope you feel better!

~Auntie Nee