Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day.

It only happens once every four years, right, so better capture it. I sat there in her room after her nap today and wondered, but only for a brief second, what she would be like on her next Leap Day. But then of course I realized she'd be six, and that put an end to that train of thought. And I quick ran and got my camera before the afternoon light faded so I could capture what she is on this Leap Day: a fun-spirited, happy, smart, beautiful, loving child who cannot wait to be a big sister. She knows tomorrow is March and she keeps telling us, Do you know what happens in March? Pondegore comes out! So they tell me, little one, but so far I'm not convinced.
Daddy even made it home before the sun went down, for a dance with his little princess.


Dre said...

love those pictures... i keep checking your blog for any hint that we are closer, but i don't imagine you will go into labor and make sure to blog to let us know :) but a girl can wish...
luv you! dre

Megan said...

Six? She's going to be six? I'm still not convinced Mazie is that age. I love that Dad and Alla dance. The girls love to with their dad too.

Cathy Bolander said...

That pic with dad is so sweet! They grow too quickly so I understand not wanting to imagine them being older.

Norina said...

One of my fondest memories as a child is dancing with my dad when he came home from work (my favorite song to dance to was "you light up my life"...what??? it was the 70's:). She will cherish those moments with Ron for a lifetime!

pakosta said...

that's how i feel about leap day too. i tried to capture my day as well! i always try to take way more photos on leap day than i do normally because i view it as a bonus day~!
great shot of her and daddY! one of the last before the baby comes more than likelY! so it will always be speciaL!