Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Tonight I get to start watching American Idol! They've eliminated the crap and are down to the top 24. Here's where I step in. Except for the hospital hiatus, I guess.

2. Alla is obsessed with Color Wonder. Obsessed I tell you. She likes the page to have a border to color in and some hidden things that she can color over to reveal.

3. Left on the to-do list: pack hospital bags, finish some scrapbook stuff that I'll probably forget about otherwise, and just generally make it look like there's supposed to be a baby here. Maybe get out the swing, the bathtub, the bouncy seat, the mobile and gymini. Yep, clutter up the house a little more and we'll be all set.

4. Maybe the full moon on Thursday will bring on some dilation, says Mel, who will probably have her baby then. Let's see...when I was pregnant with Alla, my water broke the morning after a full moon. So, a girl can hope.

5. What Alla told me the other night while I'm lotioning her up and simultaneously pinching her cute butt: "You can't pinch my buns-hon. I know they're cute, but you can't pinch them." We've said 'buns, hon' to her so many times that she must think that's the official term for butt.

6. I just finished a s'more and am watching Runway Moms in the background.

7. So far The Body Shop's vitamin C night cream is divine, and maybe I'm just in a non-acne phase of my pregnancy (thus far, there hadn't been such a thing), but my skin is suddenly looking up.

8. Right now my back is aching. See how dedicated I am to Ten on Tuesday.

9. Alla requested that I take a picture of her at lunch. This is what she wanted me to photograph.

10. On tonight's menu is lasagna. Making one for tonight and one to freeze. Yum!


Dre said...

Thank you for your dedication. This blog is what I look forward to on Tuesdays :) Full moon? Do you think that really has an influence? Very Red Tentish :)

btw, I saw Eastern Promises too. Gene and I just rented Gone Baby Gone. I loved it.
sending you good vibes ;) dre

Cathy Bolander said...

I can't believe how close you are. I'm keeping my fingers crossed your little one makes an appearance soon

Missy said...

I remember Fantasia being crowned American Idol the night Maya was born. I was in labor and she was singing her brains out on the tv in front of me.

Megan said...

We love color wonder here too. It's awesome! I love that picture of her spoon in her mouth. I think she is showing how silly she can be! Maybe the eclipse tomorrow night can help out with getting that baby out. An eclipse and a full moon-that's gotta be worth something, right?

Susie said...

What a silly girl you have on your hands!

jody said...

Lasagna?! Sure, that is what I was thinking of making for your "moms on wheels" meal! Since you will already have one in your freezer, I need another idea. Hmmmmm...