Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happiness is...

Having bacon and avocado to add to my salad for lunch yesterday.

Sleeping a full eight hours in a row last night. That's right, no getting up to pee. No cat chewing on furniture waking me up, no daughter calling out for a hug and kiss, no spending an hour getting back to sleep after rolling over. Just eight hours of glorious sleep. Don't think I didn't understand this morning that that was probably the last time for a loooooong time, and give many thanks to the sleep gods.

Alla's thrill and pride over her somersaulting.

Feeling this baby moving around wildly in my belly. It's amazing that you can ever forget exactly what this feels like, but you do.

Parent-Teacher conferences this morning at Alla's preschool where her teacher, Kelli, had nothing but adoring praise for how our daughter is progressing. I felt like my own mother sitting there, kind of surreal to be the parent sitting in a conference, rather than the kid being talked about.

A clean house.

Putting every single CD I own on my new iPod. This is a monumental feat. We have four big cases full of at least 100 CDs each, and I'm only just getting through the first one. Currently uploading: The Best of Sade.

Leftover chicken-couscous salad for lunch.

Alla eating her first s'more for an after-lunch treat. I should add, she always gets bites of mine, but today finally asked for her own. This took her a full fifteen minutes to eat, you have just never seen someone enjoy a s'more like this. Which was great cause I got to enjoy my cup of ginger-peach tea and Girl Scout Trefoils. What she had to say about her very own s'more: It has marshmallow! AND chocolate! AND big cracker! I didn't know you could stack it like that!


Tara said...

Your list brought a SMILE to my face. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is amazing. Your body is getting ready for the "BIG DAY." :) :) :)

Cathy Bolander said...

This means no labor yet. 8 hours of sleep. That sounds glorious. We are up to 3 straight for me in this house. Thinking of you!

stacy arnold said...

We are s'more lovers too!!! So nice that you slept so soundly for 8 hours! that is nearing a miracle at this point! Good feeling to be rested! Way to go Alla for her good report from school! Mattie Sue is a somersault fan as well! cute pic to capture it! Thinking about you!!

Megan said...

HMMM! 8 hours? You must be getting close. I am sure it is right around the corner. I am still not getting 8 hours around here. The first parent/teacher conference is surreal. I'm glad I am not the only one feeling like that. It is certainly a rite of passage for parents, I do believe.

Gina Rangel said...

Hey JJ it's Heather's sister Gina! Congrats on the new little one to be, can't wait to see pics =)

P.S Luv your blog!

Dre said...

loved this entry! and your lunches sound so yummy. certainly beats my slim fast :) i adore s'mores too! hope to have a s'more bar at my shower- hee hee :)

chicolovesmariah said...

JJ I know I don't usually comment (chico is usually responsible for our bloging) but I really enjoy your photographs of alla (She is so beautiful!) and I love to hear the things your grateful for. You always remind me to be thankful for things that are so easy to forget about from day to day. We will be thinking and praying for you this week!!!