Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

Like I said, no blog entry does not mean baby.

1. Got spaghetti sauce in the crockpot for dinner. Keep wondering if this will be the last meal I cook for awhile. And then I end up having to go to the store for groceries to make another meal.

2. Got MOM coming in today! She's on the airplane right now! Surely if Nana's coming, then Pondegore must be ready to come out?

3. We got several inches of snow last night, so when Ron went out to shovel this morning, he made Alla a mini snowman to sit on our front step. You'd have thought he brought her a real live penguin or something. She said, "Oh my goodness!" Unfortunately she's still sad about how Frosty melted.

4. We just finished watching Diego show, now we're heading up for lunch. Sandwiches. Know what makes a sandwich so much yuumier? Full-fat mayo. Yum.

5. Know what makes my whole day yummier? A whole box of Cadbury eggs. Consumed yesterday. Should have bought a box for each day of the week. It IS Easter week, right? Shouldn't we be celebrating with Cadbury eggs all week?
6. I mentioned my friend Adriana's makeup organizers in a previous post. I am so excited that I now own one. Here's the before shot of my makeup disaster area, all overflowing out of the little bag I think it once fit in. God help you if you have to pack up and go somewhere (like, say, to the hospital).

7. And here's the after picture, all organized in there. The little pots of foundation, blush, etc., all now have velcro on the back to hold them in place. There's room for everything!

8. And it all zips up and I can put it away. A clean counter. Adriana, you're a genius. Even Ron is impressed design-wise.

9. You're all out of the baby pool now, but that's ok because at this point I think I should start getting some prizes.

10. Here's to another Tuesday not in labor, which means I'm looking forward to American Idol!


Amy said...

I'm watching Idol right now! I'm totally addicted this season. . . oh what to do now that Dancing with the Stars has started and we have no Tivo!

I heard the news through Erin. . . WOW is all I have to say! Good thoughts for tomorrow, and hopefully some good news!

boo arnold said...

Bless your heart JJ!! I keep checking up on you!! I'm so ready too! Like the makeup case! Great idea!



pakosta said...

how many days late are you now? i went 10 days late with savannah and 2 days late with ava...it's just not right is it?!
good luck! i hope it's tomorrow!

Dre said...

tell mom i said hi and i miss her (and you)! hugs to you babe- baby will be here any day now!!!
luv you! dre

Cathy Bolander said...

I think your baby should come out on Thursday because I like 3.20.08 as a birthdate. Good thoughts being sent your way!

Norina said...

(((JJ))) what did the midwives say at your appt???? Will Ponde get an eviction notice soon??? This is worse then watching a pot of water boil! You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie!

Norina said...

Oh and those darn cadesberry eggs are my favorite too! This is first Easter season I can eat them guilt free. Enjoy!

Sue Thomas said...

Hugs to you, j.j.!!!! At least you got another night of AI! That's always good, right? Any news today?