Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I'm officially five days away from my due date.

2. No one should assume that a blog absence automatically means I'm in labor. It most definitely does not.

3. The good thing about making it this far is I got to my hair appointment last night.

4. And I can watch American Idol tonight.

5. We finally packed our hospital bags. And I managed to get it all into one this time, meaning one bag for the whole time. Not a separate labor bag, postpartum bag, baby bag, etc. Plus a ball, a stereo, a snack bag. Just.one.bag. Well, and multiple cameras, of course.

6. Ron, sweet husband that he is, gave me this yesterday. I happened to mention that having all our music downstairs on the computer was a pain and I'd like to listen to music upstairs, like for breakfast and other meals, without having to run downstairs first to turn it on. And this showed up yesterday. Current project: making a playlist for while I'm in labor.

7. Speaking of my lovely husband, his sisters have set up a profile to vote for their mama as America's Favorite Mom. You can go here to vote for her!

8. The plan is to take Alla and Evan to see the Easter Bunny on Friday. Surely having a plan means I won't make it that far, right?

9. Have I linked to these before? My high school friend Adriana designed these amazing makeup bags and I keep saying I need to order one already! I have two little bags, plus my two big pots of foundation and powder sitting out with no room for them in either bag. I thought of my need for her bag again as we were packing for the hospital and I had visions of Ron packing only one of them, like the bag of brushes or something that would probably make a mama of a newborn absolutely lose it.

10. Yes, it's true, I wash my hair once a week. And I can wear it down for at least 5 days without a grease effect. Then I prolong the wash process as many more days as possible by doing ponies, buns, etc., especially with a flower or other pretty clip. I'm thinking an almost new mama needs a new one, just to make herself feel pretty, something like this since it's my favorite red.

Happy Tuesday! Hope you voted in the baby pool!


Melanie said...

ditto a million times over on #2.

Dre said...

Yay ipod! for play list, how 'bout go old school with The Smiths? must put U2 on the playlist and that bill withers song lovely day :)

those make-up bags are super cool! way to go adrianna!

i think you should only wear that red flower if you get that black wig to go with it. i'm just saying...
hugs! xoxo dre

pakosta said...

oh my gosh i have to wash my hair everyday or it's greasy and my head feels DIRTY! i wish i had your luck with hair! and so pretty too!
my hubby just bought me the ipod like that in black! i LOVE IT!!!!! and you can put videos and movies too!!
can't wait til you have that babY! i hope ron will come on here and post for yOU!

Norina said...

Great job on packing the bags! Adrianna looks sooooo beautiful.

Tara said...

I can't believe you only wash your hair once a week - you are so lucky. I am an every other day girl - darn.