Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The babe's cord fell off a week ago and so we gave him a bath. We call this a success, having bathed him before one month old, which is how long Alla had to wait til we got around to it.
2. I really wanted to include a nakey bath shot here but thought better of putting his parts out there like that.
3. Here's why I initially thought it was so important to show the nakey baby, though: took him to the doctor yesterday for a check up and learned he is up to TWELVE pounds, FIVE ounces. That's a gain of more than two pounds since birth. And more than that, actually, since they lose weight initially. He is definitely getting round, and obviously has the nursing thing figured out.
4. Good thing about the weight gain: we can now move onto cloth diapers! Excited as I was initially, I tried one out yesterday and was all thumbs. I guess we better just get started so we can figure it out.
5. See I told you he was starting to smile! This is the best we can capture at the moment, but it's much more pronounced than this, the whole squinty-eyes and big grin thing. We love it.

6. This is so sweet. After much reprimanding about how we don't use the measuring tape on our baby brother's feet, arms or head, she finally put it down and just kissed him.7. I love these two. Kinda out of focus and all since it's me there holding the camera and the babe's hand, but it's kind of something you have to document I think, how teensy the hands are.8. Just me and my littlest love.9. While I post this, Alla is getting into my scrapbook cupboard and getting out all the 'punchers' and putting them into the other cupboard and is now using my ruler to 'count the numbers:' sixty-one, sixty-two, sixty-three, sixty-four, sixty-five. I didn't know my ruler was so big.

10. We need to find a way to order an entire case of Trader Joe's Apple Strawberry fruit leathers. She's obsessed. And she calls 'em fruit weather.


erin said...

Yes I realize you just posted this. But you DO know I stalk you on Tuesdays right?

Thanks for the update girl. And your announcement arrived today...AND IT'S GORGEOUS! Just like that little guy you've got there.

(you're looking great, btw!)

pakosta said...

Keep them coming! LOVE the photos!
your baby is gorgeous! got your announcement of fisher, man it's beautifuL!

Megan said...

I think Fisher is starting to favor Ron a bit more than Alla did at this age. He has much bigger eyes! Lovely 10!

Tara said...

i love the photos and especially that big smile. alla is obviously a great big sister - with all the kisses and attention she is giving her little brother.

as for fruit leather, ashby calls them fruit chews and she can't get enough of them as well.

Cathy Bolander said...

I'm so glad you posted today. I so love seeing the photos of Fisher & Alla. You look great. Hope this means you are getting lots of sleep & if you are I would like to know your secret since Joey insists on 2 feedings a night STILL! I can't wait to see your next round of photos.

Katie said...

Yep, we buy about 10-15 "fruit bars" a week from ole TJs. (-:

Love the photos, especially the one of Alla & her baby brother!

Dre said...

Really cool pictures this 10. Loved the hand shots! fisher is sooo alert with those big eyes, and that smile!!! he is soooo super cute!!! hugs from the lbc! xoxo dre

Heather Walker said...

That big sis love is the best, isn't it! Today Kendyl said to Kelsey, "it's ok baby, mommy and Kendyl are here for you." I'm sure Alla is full of sweet words too! Great picsmy friend.

Marie said...

oh my gosh that dimple is just too cute :) and the hand shots :) and alla kissing fisher :)

oh and even your shower curtain :)

Mary Jo said...

Those are adorable photos!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love all the baby photos, j.j.!!! I just got your adorable announcement as well and wanted to tell it that it's beautiful!!!

Amy said...

You guys look like you're all doing SO great! Thanks for all the wonderful photos!

ssclark01 said...

We had to finally give William a bath when he smelled so bad I was afraid for anyone to hold him. :)