Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Alla's lizard hatched today. She's off on her new 16" bike to go show Canton the little fella. Pretend lizard, of course.

2. Alla's friend, Leigha, told her a birthday joke at her party on Saturday. It was too cute to hear her try and master the knock-knock variety:
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Iguana who?
Iguana wish you a happy birthday!

3. Sometimes it snows in April. Prince, who is from the Twin Cities, knew exactly what he was talking about.
4. Alla woke up to a half-inch on her birthday, which confirmed that we had indeed made the right decision to have her party inside!

5. Elizabeth, thank you kindly. The cookie decorating was a hit. Although my own daughter didn't do so much decorating as dumping half a bottle of blue sprinkles onto a partially frosted cookie and then just scooping mounds of blue into her mouth. 6. Doesn't she just look so gracious. She just wanted to sing sing sing all day, and then it comes time and she just kind of gets quiet and, I want to say, awed, which is how I always feel, like, wow, all this is for me?

7. I'm kind of alarmed that as I sat there photographing her blowing out the candles I actually forgot to tell her to make a wish. I think I might have thought she just knew that. We might have to have a do-over this weekend. More chocolate cupcakes! Or something:)

8. Did you know that when you put on your new princess dress from Nana and Pappi that you must then go and grab your stool and stand upon it, otherwise you are not a princess.

9. Fisher slept through the entire party. Well, except for one little feeding.

10. And...the official six thirty-seven photo.


Dre said...

First of all, you definitely get 50 points for the obscure Sometimes it snows in April reference! After my heart J.J.?

Secondly, those were some gorgeous pictures of Alla. The black and white one was my favorite, although she is so super cute in her 6:37 shot. What a pretty little girl :)
i love you! and miss you! Dre

Megan said...

She makes a lovely princess. I wish we could have been there to celebrate and decorate cookies. Miss you.

Marie said...

cookie decorating! yea! i knew e would have an idea :)

Tara said...

The last picture really shows Alla is a "big girl." She is beautiful.

Amy said...

I love her birthday celebration dress-just beautiful! So is her princess dress, of course! Glad you had such a lovely celebration!

Ann-Marie said...

She truly is pretty as a princess.
I LOVE that polka dot dress...sigh..I have 2 boys.

Cathy Bolander said...

Miss Alla- I wish I had a pretty dress to wear on my birthday! You look like you had a princess worthy day!

boo arnold said...

This house is all about the princess dresses too! how precious to see them walking down the hallway as a princess. and the self talk is just as sweet.

happy birthday miss alla!

Shelly Z. said...

Such great pictures of her big day! That princess costume is adorable. My fav memory is Alla dipping her carrots into the blue sprinkles :-)