Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Woke up this morning feeling that if I got through the day without selling my children to the gypsies then it would be a good day. Translation: I was sooooo tired.
2. However, as luck or the sleep gods would have it, Mama got a 90-minute nap today. I know! Unheard of. But I will take it, thankyouverymuch. And then got to run in the evening, too. I didn't even complain that it was still 85 degrees. I. just. ran.
3. Fisher is utterly, hopelessly addicted to his swaddle blanket. Except for the feet. Gotta kick those out before I even finish wrapping him up.
4. Speaking of utter, hopeless addictions.
5. Not just her to him, but him to her. He knows her voice, he looks for her. I daresay he misses her.
6. Took Fisher to the doctor yesterday because his skin continues to flare up/break out. After one night of prescription strength hydrocortisone, it is like a miracle. That creamy baby skin is back and I have photographic proof...but you'll have to wait til another post for that.7. I believe I mentioned the cutest habit ever, the thumb sucking while rubbing the head. Can't seem to get him doing both at the same time when I have my camera on him, but the thumb sucking is like second nature now, I don't even know if he realizes he's doing it.8. And if he isn't rubbing his head, then he's grabbed onto this shirt with the same hand that he sucks, his left. However, if he is being held by one of us, on our left shoulders, then it's fine to suck the right (free) hand.9. Did you need a close-up? I told you, he's really figured it out.10. Alla is SO excited...Uncle John and Aunt Jenn come to visit in two days. And, get this, she tells me she will teach Uncle John to play baseball. Ha!


Tara said...

90 minute nap and you got out for a run - awesome day. love the thumb sucking photos.

Cathy Bolander said...

I love the photos of Alla & Fisher together. Jealous about the nap. Glad to hear you are enjoying running already.

Marie said...

oh wow of the 90 minute nap. my last nap was interrupted not by children, but by a tornado siren. always something.

and boy am i behind on my picture taking. must fix that today.

Megan said...

You can teach Uncle John to play baseball the right way, right Alla? Jamie sucks her left thumb. I think it's genius. Now she can suck and write/draw/whatever with her normal hand.

Norina said...

Ok I just have to say what kind of super sports bra are you wearing that you can run?!Becasue i need one ASAP! These bfing boobies hurt constantly over here!TMI?! Sorry, I just had to comment.