Friday, June 13, 2008

The verdict: mongolian beef.

Yum. Try it soon. We served ours over brown rice with edamame. The meat was a tad spicy for the wee one, but not too spicy for a nursing mama. Not to worry, though, the wee one got her fill on edamame. The way it works around here is you basically have to take what you want from the start, cause she pretty much lays claim to the entire bowl thereafter. This is her bowl of empty pods.
In other news, Alla has discovered comedy. Somewhat. OK, we've been reading the comics to her for a long time now - she's a huge fan of Charlie Brown (he's a clown) and Garfield. And we kind of limit it to that because, honestly, we would sit there for like two hours and read the comics over and over. So yesterday she decided to 'read' us the comics, which she did backwards, but it was not a bit less funny. She just kind of looks at the pictures and makes up some things that she thinks it might be about.And when she gets to the end she always chuckles. And then she looks at you and says, "Was that a funny one!?!!" Can't you just hear it looking at this picture! Too much.


Tara said...

What is it with edamame and toddlers? Ashby LOVES them and can't get enough. I think she likes popping them out of the shell.

Sue Thomas said...

Oh my goodness! Too cute!

pakosta said...

i Love that last shot!
what a dollface!

Amy said...

That is so adorable (the comics, that is. . . I'd be putting up a fight for that edamame!)

Marie said...

ok it's official...going to have to go get some edamame stat.

Elizabeth said...

I've had the crockpot mongolian beef on my list for awhile now - I'll definitely give it a try!
Oh, tell Alla that I'm 33 and STILL love Charlie Brown. I've had some of the Peanuts comics since I was her age and and I they're still funny to me :)

Peter said...

she's growing up so quick. i think i need to visit this fall..