Monday, October 13, 2008

A different kind of leaf-scene.

Mostly I would guess that our fall leaf-type photos all contain little girls wearing sweatshirts and shivering. Yesterday, however, the weather was amazingly warm, and she frolicked barefoot with her buddies in their leaf pile (our tree is just barely starting to turn). I love that there's so much movement in this scene. And that she still has her bandaid on from her flu shot. She about lost it last night when Ron tried to take it off. No, she wants it on til it falls off.
While Daddy cleaned out the garage (yay my car's in there on this rainy Monday!), Fisher sat nearby on a blanket and we tried to interest him more in the toys than the grass.


Tara said...

i love both photos. i wish i could see alla's expression b/c i bet she is smiling from ear to ear.

on another note, i miss the changing leaves - keep taking the fall photos.

Karena said...

ooo I thought Fish's cereal picture was my favorite, but this one is a close contender. Cuties.

pakosta said...

LOVELY shots!
i sure wish we had some trees to make some leaves LOL!!!!