Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Ron did the big garage clean-up this weekend, and I'm loving day two of parking my car (what? a vehicle IN the garage?) in there.

2. Especially since it was 40 this morning.

3. Fisher loves bananas, pumpkin, cereal, and is pretty fond of zucchini, avocado, and sweet potato. OK, so far he hasn't met a food he doesn't like.

4. This is way different than Alla. We got gagging pretty much from day one. And still do.

5. I'm supposed to be watching Private Practice right now.

6. Or making FREE signs for the trunk I've been carting around since junior high, and the bike that was replaced by the Julius Cruiser.

7. A few weeks ago, we had one last hot, 85-degree weather kind of day. And I'm so glad that on a whim, I packed up the kids and drove five minutes to do this:

8. Where was Fisher? On my hip. I decided it was time to go when my arm was just about to fall off.9. Yes she does own a bathing suit, but, as I mentioned in #7, it was a whim. I was smart enough to bring a towel since I'm not naive enough to think that she wasn't going to fully immerse herself in that giant body of warm water on a hot day, suit or no suit.

10. I'd really like to visually share with you what she did with said towel, but it's probably not suitable (no pun intended) for the world wide web. So I'll just tell you that she didn't exactly wrap it around her. She spread it out in the sun, and warmed her nakey buns there on the grassy edge of the lake. And that was a lovely, lovely end to a fine summer.


Stacy said...

She looks like she had a ball. So, much fun. Congrats on getting to park in the garage! We are working on our basement. The house is overflowing with clutter. :)
Just so you know I checked your sitemeter. I've been getting some weird hits on my blog and was just curious if I was the only one. How do you handle, emotionally, so many hits to your blog? I don't mind so much if I get a comment every once in awhile and I can figure out who it is but when there is no comment...it creeps me out a little. So whenever you see WV, it is probably me.

Katie said...

No way! You can park a car in your garage?! Good job Ron! I'm impressed, there was a lot of stuff in there last time we were there!

Looks like your summer might end in CA, 80 degrees at the beach tomorrow and Thurs! Bring shorts and suits (or just shorts)! (-:

Cathy Bolander said...

Alla looks like she had a great time.

Shelly Z. said...

So much fun at the lake! Great idea!