Monday, October 27, 2008

Three and a half.

We will return to our regularly scheduled vacation photos in a day or two, but I have to take a break from that in order to point out that someone turned three and a half yesterday.

Alla Rees. Three and a half. And you know this is bigger than just three. Must be why most days you are sleeping way past when Daddy leaves. Fisher and I are sitting at the breakfast table and you're barely strolling, sleepyheaded, out of your room.

I love this age as I've loved every age.

I love that you think everything is real. Like this giant. That you thought was real and might chase us to the parking lot, and from whom we had to run, ducking into stores when it got too near, and making Daddy carry you.I treasure this photo of you on a carousel in August because I think it might just be the last I ever take. You've had a love affair with merry-go-rounds since the tender age of seven months, but, alas, I think it's over. You are now deathly afraid of 99% of all [fun] rides.
You love weekends because Daddy stays home and you get to watch a movie (it's anyone's guess as to which part you like better). This weekend you watched Madagascar for the first (and second and third) time, and now you're repeating things to me from the movie, and it's really all you're talking about. O-kizay.
I love that you go from princess dress up to dirt and worms. And that some princess is still left as your hands get utterly filthy. I think it's yet undecided which makes you happier, but for now it's a nice blend of the two.
We eat dinner together every night: you, me, and Dada. Fisher will join us one day, when he can stay up past 6:30. But for now it's still the three of us, and that's a nice little piece leftover from our days as a family of three.
You are an incredibly slow eater.
We check out like 10-20 library books at a time. Currently we have 4 Doras and 2o other great ones, like The Boy Who Loved Words and Max's Words. I think you might want to start collecting words.
Naps are few and far between. As crushing as I thought that would be, it's actually kind of freeing. Less of a schedule for you is good, since we're back to a pretty strict baby one with your brother. You do quiet time in the playroom, and if you do get tired, you just lay down and take a nap. It's pretty grown-up of you.
And we don't worry anymore if you fall asleep in the car or don't wake up until 8:00. We figure you need the rest, and you're not going to nap anyway. It's nice to let you sleep when you want to sleep. It's freeing.
You, my dear, are beautiful, and smart, and kind and thoughtful. I am one lucky mama. I love that you are still so attached to me, I love that you need me still. I love this age. And you'd think that I'd be bemoaning the fact that it's only six months 'til you're four. But. Six months is a long time when you're heading into winter. Particularly since last year, on your birthday, it was still snowing. So, since I know it's a long six months, I know when four does roll around, we'll all be ready to celebrate.


Elizabeth said...

That was a lovely, lovely post, J.J. Gracie and Alla are in the same stage on lots of things... but we don't have six months left 'til 4... less than two. Sniff.

Samantha said...


Missy said...

So bittersweet isn't it...

Megan said...

She is such a mix of Jamie and Mazie. So princessy like Mazie and play in the dirt like Jamie (even more so). I loved Mazie at that age and wish she would go back. Jamie is still going strong at (almost) 4 1/2. Happy 3 1/2 Alla! You are such a big girl and we love you lots.

pakosta said...

just beautiful.
just like darling alla.
from the day she was born and i saw her first picture, i was taken with her...she's precious!

Cathy Bolander said...

What a beautiful post. She is such a wonderful little girl. Such great photos. Especially the one on the carousel.

Katie said...

She will love reading all those wonderful things about her self some day! Happy Three and Half Birthday!