Friday, October 24, 2008

Part two: the beach.

It was 80 degrees at the beach last Friday so we were there. Umbrella, baby, sand toys, and cute suits. Thank you Wallis for the yummy salad. Could use one of those right about now.
After we washed the sand from every inch of the girls' bodies, they rested and we got ready for an amazing dinner party full of friends (sans Vuosos, of course). Thank you, Katie and was super to have everyone all together. It felt very full. And it wasn't the Buca in my belly.
Look at these two. Joey, nine months. Fisher, almost seven months. Let's all guess what they're thinking. I know Fisher is amazed to discover another little person. I'm taking this picture and remembering holding Mazie at one day old and wondering how it has come to be that she's sitting there holding my baby.
Oh, you guys, move closer. This just reminds me of when we were starting our families and were together with them.

Last one for today, my beautiful friend who has lost SO.MUCH.WEIGHT. and really changed her life because of it, and is such an amazing model of health for her own girls (and boy), and who is so lucky because, can't you see it? Look how much he loves her.


Megan said...

I love you too. You should really consider moving here. I have heard from friends who have had children with skin problems that they got better because of the dry air! Just a thought. We had such a great time at that dinner. It was so nice and the kids were all great (read no meltdowns) and everyone was happy. I have that same picture of Mazie holding Fisher. I can't get over it. Is she really turning 7? Where did the time go? And I do think you are right about Jeremiah being in love with me. I may just keep him!

Katie said...

Cute picture of Megan and Jeremiah! But if you're going to must be to CA...your kids could go to UCLA for FREE. And we could meet up at the football games while we watch our team beat yours. heeheehee (-:

Cathy Bolander said...

Such cute pics. It really does make you wonder what the boys were thinking looking at each other. And those photos of Alla & Kelsea are so darn cute.

Sue Thomas said...

Total sweetness!!!!!!

Shelly Z. said...

Great beach shots!!! So happy you got to return to 85 degree weather before our winter hits. You'll have to think of it whenever the cold gets to be too much!