Friday, October 03, 2008

Week in the life.

I've been participating in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project this week. Because I absolutely jump at the suggestion of documenting my life even more and because I absolutely need No, honestly, I just think it might be incredible ten years from now to look back at the pictures of this one week and see all the magical little details of our regular old life.

So, since I've literally taken about 50 photos a day since Monday and still have the weekend to go, I'll share some here.

Muffin Tin Monday, of course. Fave part this week: blueberries (frozen of course)
The every-afternoon scene: they've made some sort of hide-out back there
She can brush her teeth all by herself

Hoarding that big giant bag of Kettle Corn from Tuesday's Farmer's Market. at the end of the day (wish that were my milk)
at the beginning of the day: pitter patter of little feet
breakfast one day: [soy] yogurt and granola on a waffle with bananas and maple syrup for me, banana waffle and plain yogurt with bananas for Alla, mashed avocado for FishAlla helping me fold laundry in 'half to half' (that's how she folds the smallish stuff) Fuzzy the Caterpillar was found on our Wednesday run. She is still with us. And was taken for Sharing Day on Thursday.

Just-a-sittin with her friend on the side of the street, chattin about what it is they should do next. First fall

She makes wipes for me while I feed Fisher cereal
Then she finishes feeding him while I make her sandwich.
Hope ya'll are having a lovely week and enjoying the little details of your lives, too.


Megan said...

I think I have that same picture of Jacob eating a leaf during his first Fall. Interesting idea. I may have to try this out for myself.

Sara said...

I am inspired. What a wonderful idea. The pictures are wonderful.

Cathy Bolander said...

What a great idea but I think I could only do a weekend in the life of us because how boring would it be to hear went to work. Worked all day. And there would be no photos. I love how helpful Alla is with Fish. What a good girl. And isn't fun how babies put everything in their mouths. Leaves. Books. So cute!

pakosta said...

so great to see these all! they are all GREAT!
love to see the daily life!
and seeing the fuzzy caterpillar brought back memories of savannah's 3/4 year old preschool! she brought one in that we found too! and we named him rolY! did a layouta bout it!

Susan said...

this is phenomenol jj. so fabulous. you make me want to try it. the pic of you 3 on the floor with squishy faces is AWESOME!!! and id like a fall leave or 2 from fish, ok!?

Amy said...

That is so wonderful to have all that documentation. Fisher eating that leaf had me laughing out loud! Can't wait to see what your weekend held!

erin said...

LOVE THIS! You know I can't get enough of your beautiful life and this was no exception. My fave pic is Alla making wipes...go Alla!!!

Dre said...

loved it!

Karena said...

Loved the pictures of course, but had a question. Where did you get that baseball cap for Fisher? I would love to get a real hat for Ryan.

Sue Thomas said...

Love your photos of the week, j.j.!! The leaf eating photo is fabulous!!!