Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 months.

Wish I had a fresh new pic for the occasion, but it's like dark as a tunnel here, so this one's a week old and hopefully the sun will come out so my camera can play tomorrow?
You weigh 21 pounds, 8 ounces.
You are heavy. Most of that weight is in your head, which I am reminded of regularly as you headbutt me with your bounces of joy.
You adore Cheerios.
You are trying to clap yay!
You start your day snuggling + nursing in Mama's bed and this is one of the few times of day where it is just you + me.
You are a professional army crawler.
You say mama and dada and mah for 'more.' But of course you say all those things when and if you darn well please.
You are obsessed with Daddy's cell phone.
You would catapult yourself down the stairs to get to that vacuum if we'd let you.
And once it's on, you will cry cry cry when it's time to turn it off. You love the vacuum.
You are content and mellow and along for the ride.
You are fun and joyful and I love you, Fish.


pakosta said...

8 months.
now that just about makes me want to CRY>>>>where did that time go?
that's too close to a year for me!!!!! AWWW he's so CUTE!!! precious boy!

Samantha said...

He looks so, so grown up there!

Joey said...

I agree with Samantha. He looks like a little guy. Where's the baby chub? HE is still as adorable as ever!

Katie said...

Yep he does look older...less of a baby. A vacuum cleaner...really?

You could fly out here and take lots of pictures of Fish..we have plenty of sunlight. And oh by the way tickets are only $204 with taxes!

Are you tempted yet?

Megan said...

Jacob is still the same way with the vacuum. LOVES it! He takes the attachments off and puts them together to make his on "vac" as he calls it. He looks so sweet in that picture. I think he is slimming out his cheeks.

Dre said...

He is Beautiful!

Marie said...

it certainly does sound fun to be him :)

Susie said...

Really- the vacuum?? Really??

Cathy Bolander said...

so cute. I love the list of stuff he loves especially his clapping, snuggling & heavy head. Happy 8 Months!

Norina said...

What a doll! Zech likes to vaccuum the Bjorn preferably so he can help by holding the cord :)

Amy said...

He's so awesome! Love the little glimpse into his 8 month old world!