Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We've done our civic duty. And didn't even have to wait in line! I think it took longer to get the kids in and out of the car than it did to actually sign in and vote.2. Fisher has his first tooth!

3. Alla had picture day today at school. She went for the patriotic look.
4. I want this big K for our wall.

5. New favorite breakfast smoothie: handful of spinach, two big scoops of frozen OJ concentrate, a bit of water, and a banana. YUM.

6. It was 74 degrees here yesterday, on the third of November. Kind of rare in these parts for it to be that warm this time of year, but it reminded me of two years ago when we had a similar warm early November.

7. I hate it when things remind me of some previous blog post and then I have to go back and find it and see Little Miss Alla, when she was really that little, because invariably it causes me to choke up and get very very sad that two years has passed and that she's not that small anymore and gosh she still looked like such a baby then and was she really still in diapers then?

8. Found this on Ron's camera, proof that I actually went on the California trip, too. Your classic waiting for the shuttle bus at LAX snapshot.9. The last day of our trip Katie and I got to hook up with Lacey, Kel, Stace and ALL the kids. Nine total. Just for kicks, here are the babies (with little Ash in there, Kelsea was still in utero) at 3-4 months old, and then a few weeks ago, at three and a half years old, sans Ash cause she lives in Ohio :)
(l-r Mattie Sue, Jack, Alla, Wyatt, Ash)(l-r Kelsea, Alla, Jack, Mattie Sue, Wyatt)
10. It might be warm right now, but the cold is coming back, and we even hear talk about the s-word. Got to get this kid some cool stripey fleecey warm hats.
Happy Returns!


Megan said...

I love that K. I think I need the S. I just did the same with pictures. It catches me every time with each child that they were that little and chubby, ever!

Marie said...

first tooth!!! oh my ;)

erin said...

Would you have Fisher send Ephraim a memo about how to grow your first tooth? We're still waiting down here...

Sue Thomas said...

Congrats on your first tooth, Fisher and love the new winter hat!!!!!

Susie said...

That baby picture is so classic- it's going to follow them all through adulthood, no?

I love that last picture of Fisher- look at those big brown eyes! Wow!

Dre said...

i'm gonna try that smoothie miss j.j. i'm all about my new blender :) love all those pictures too! xoxo dre