Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. One day, when this cupboard no longer contains bibs and snack bowls and wash cloths for messy faces, I want to remember that one day, it did.2. And, one day, when my freezer contains frozen pizza and sad-looking leftovers, I want to remember that one day, it held baggies full of colorful fresh pureed fruits and veggies for Fisher.3. I am going to make homemade yogurt.

4. So far, running in November is just fine. The cold + wind = no big deal. Now it's more about figuring out running in the dark when Ron gets home from work. So don't want to get run over.

5. Have you sat yourself down and realized how the time is flying? How this Thursday is Thanskgiving? How I have an eight-month-old? How does all this happen?
6. Consequently, this means that any shopping you do now is not early just on time. And pretty soon will be considered last-minute. And oh how I thought I was going to be ahead of things this year.

7. We stumbled upon the best book at the library yesterday. Ron gave it 5 stars. We read a LOT of library books around here, probably checking out 20 new ones each week, so I feel we have some credibility here. When we say 5 stars, we mean business. What are some of your family's five-star books?

8. Finally ordering Sept+Oct photos. Which will just sit here versus being put into albums and labeled.

9. Did you know that Snapfish has 9 cent prints? Listen, for everyday snapshots, this is a sweet deal. Act quick-like and you can get free shipping.

10. Just when I thought Ron was going to officially revoke my library card for all the green reading I do, he has decided that the Mrs. Meyer's dish soap I brought home is well worth the $5 price tag because of the intoxicating scent (it's lavendar, but I swear there's something else in there, it's the best lavendar I have EVER smelled). He actually suggested bathing in it.


Megan said...

See, you just had to give him a little time (and apparently something that smelled really good) for him to come around with all this getting green stuff!

pakosta said...

awww you are making me remember my bibs, wash cloths and NUk drawer LOL!
i miss those days. life was so simple and so FUN. now it's homework and early bedtimes YUK!

Colleen said...

We are big Olivier Dunrea fans around here. I love the drawings and the storylines are cute for my toddler. Dash digs ducks so the Gossie, Gertie, Ollie and Peedie books are right up his alley. We find a lot of them at TJMaxx...

Have you tried www.lookybook.com? You can read the full text of tons of kids books and their rating system is pretty helpful...

Amy said...

Awesome 10! So many good things to go check out! One of my favorite kid's books is "The Seven Silly Eaters". Hayden is warming up to it (loves it some days, others not so much), but I could read it all day!

Melanie said...

you know my freezer looks a lot like yours - i do need to take a photo of it! lots of new food for us this week... peaches tonight, chicken last night, black beans on saturday. good times! :)

happy first thanksgiving to fisher!

Elizabeth said...

great list today, J.J. : )

I haven't updated goodreads in a long time--been meaning to do that soon. One of my favorite finds in the recent weeks is another dinosaur book--When Dinosaurs Came With Everything. It's funny : )

Dre said...

i'm so trying that dish soap, although every time i try to switch i hate the new one cuz it lacks the degreasing qualities of dawn :) i'm willing to try this one cuz i'm a sucker for fregrance :) i'll try it and let you know!

i went to two markets today in the lbc and they were both crazy, so don't feel bad. i have a feeling tomorrow will be worse!

miss you. xoxo dre

Samantha said...

Hey! I totally hear you on the freezer full of baby food - I'll miss that like crazy, too. I just made zucchini, potato, and watercress and it is so good I don't want to share it with William!

Shelly Z. said...

I love that Mrs. Meyers lavender too! It's the best. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Katie said...

I'm a fan of that soap too. I also like the J.R Watkins brand they sell at Target too.

We'll have to check out that book. I need to make a list of books before I go to the library. Would probably make the library trip much smoother.