Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five.

1. Just happened upon this recipe for peppermint bark today. We are making sugar cookies and candy cane cookies next week but for sure we needed something else in the mix, something different. This is that something.

2. Took Fisher to the allergist today. Huge.Waste.of.Time. HUGE. He didn't tell me anything we didn't already know and doesn't want to test him for six more months. So, basically, don't give him anymore flaxseed. Check. And probably stay away from the other seeds. I'd already figured this out for myself, thanks, and rid the house of all other seeds. Huge waste of time.
3. Not only was it a big waste of time but it meant that we spent all of his waking sun-filled hours there, so I got NOT ONE photo of my boy on his nine-month birthday. Hmph. They did weigh him, albeit with clothes on, and he was 23-something pounds.

4. It's Friday. It's not only Friday but it's the last day of work for Ron for the year!

5. We have a tree! Hopefully you can kind of make out the beautiful ornament Alla made at school this week. She hung the first ornament on our tree last night. (OK, so it's still the only ornament on it, but that's not the point.)


Tara said...

The ornament and tree are beautiful!!! Sorry to hear about the doctor visit - very frustrating.

Have a Merry Christmas friend and give your family a hug from us.

Megan said...

That is a lovely ornament. Yay for Ron being off. That's a nice long break! I may have to try that peppermint bark myself. I am running out of cookies to make. Thanks for the inspiration!

Katie said...

Well, sorry to hear that a day of sun was missed.

Kelsea had her first Winter Program after school today. She looked so darn cute dancing and singing to Feliz Navidad and I didn't even bring my camera. Didn't even think to bring it?! We even bought a Flip video camera for these type of things! UGH!

Happy 9 months Fish!

Cathy Bolander said...

Happy 9 Months Fish. 23 pounds. Wow that's the same as Johnnie if not more. What a cute ornament Alla.

Susie said...

I'm really really fascinated by this allergy stuff. Hang in there, J.

I think Sarah just brought home that very same ornament. IT is also the latest ornament to trim the tree ;)

Amy said...

23 lbs. Wow! He's within 3 lbs of Hayden!

Enjoy your family time together! I'll call in a few days.