Monday, December 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Getting a few minutes to play with a toy by himself. No one told me that the big girl would be so excited to see baby toys again and repurpose them all for herself.
2. But you know what, he's happy just the same. And if for a moment he's not, then just sing 'Move It Move It' and it's all good.3. And by the way on his knees is just about the only position I catch him in now. 4. I had this wonderful doll when I was little named Flora McFlimsy. She was life-size, and my mom and grandmother made her for me. I believe I was preschool age. Anyway, Alla was entranced by her at first, but the doll really is more flimsy than anything now, so I thought I'd at least save the dress (my own childhood dress) from the doll. And sure enough, this was the perfect solution. It has now joined the rotation of dress-up clothes and is called her "Flora dress."

5. Ron put up gates this weekend so now Fisher is free to roam the upper level of our home. So we get a lot of looks like this as he's on his way out of his previously shut door, and I imagine he's thinking See ya suckers! I'm outta here! Things to do, trouble to get into!
6. He will get into whatever trouble is necessary to get to his lovey.You can just see it on his face. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
7. It was 6 below for my evening run last night. If you've never had the opportunity to feel the moisture from your eyes freeze onto your lashes, I'd say give it a try. You go to rub your eye, feel something that's rough on your lashes like mascara, only you remember you hardly ever wear mascara, and then you remember that it's six below zero, before windchill factor, so of course that's just frozen lashes you got there.
8. This is what Alla does on cold days like that. Get dressed, have breakfast. Then, when Fisher goes down for her nap and Mama goes to get dressed, go have a snuggle in Mama's bed where it's super cozy.

9. Ron has a hankering for some Christmas cookies. We have a hankering for a Christmas tree. I feel a trade coming on.

10. At some point between freezing and six below, the tradition of the whole family going to pick out the family Christmas tree kind of lost it's appeal for me. Kind of wishing we had a fake tree right about now.


John Fagan said...

Fake trees are the best! Look real, no watering, no mess! Get with the times.

Megan said...

That is a sweet story about the Flora dress. It's great that it fits her. I love that "trouble" face. So cute! If you would like to fly here for a little more warmth (I said little), you can enjoy our Christmas cookies and real tree!

Cathy Bolander said...

That's some dedication. Frozen lashes. You're crazy. I'm with Alla. It's 50 something outside here & I want to get in to bed & snuggle.

Marie said...

oh these boys :) whatever charlie is NOT supposed to get into, he is in to. and just wait until you get your tree-he is ALL ABOUT EATING THE TREE.

Amy said...

You are a brave woman! I don't know if I could handle running in below zero temps. I hit the treadmill yesterday after I got the frozen eyelashes on my way to the mailbox (and that was only a 4-5 minute trip!).

Love that Alla now has that dress to wear for herself!

pakosta said...

that's why we have a fake tree LOL!
i have some clothes heading alla's way in the new year. time to go through again! ava and savannah both had a growth spurt!

Karena said...

Ya know what, Ryan has that same "see ya suckers" look...everytime I find him about to do something he's not supposed to. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Norina said...

Fisher is a crack up! If he and Zech got together surely our heads would roll! You go running in the freeze, I barely made it out this morning with a ltitle drizzle adn I thought THAT was a big deal! Do not turn to the dark side JJ, stick with the real tree! For the smell alone :)! Happy Holidays!

Susan said...

#1 i LOVE all the pics!
#2 - #7 made me laugh. good times :)
#3 - fakey trees are SO the way to go!

MD Hasan said...

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