Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome, December.

Can't believe it's December. Alla's in her playroom listening to Christmas songs on the radio, it's a cool twenty-something outside with a little bit of white stuff on the ground, and we're off to the post office today to mail some Christmas gifts. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And to kick it off, Alla started in on the 24 Days of Christmas this morning. We figured we'd give her one last year on her own, since Fisher could care less about numbered boxes containing little trinkets. But next year she's gonna have to take turns opening.

Today's treat for her was a wind-up butterfly that she promtpy named Farfallina. Other treats include new tights, some stamps, toy dinosaurs, a card game, socks, a board game for Family Game Night (some of the stuff obviously doesn't fit IN the boxes so we leave her a note inside as to where she can find the treat). There are lots of non-material gifts, such as a swim date with Mama (uh, yes, the community center's pool is both indoors and heated), a date with Daddy, special Christmas shows to watch on TV, a dollar to put in the Salvation Army bucket when we go to the store. We keep a master list with us so that we can make sure things are in place for her the next morning, and move things around if necessary - for example, if it were to snow and be a weekend, then we might decide to take her sledding or something wintery like that.

It is VERY fun to think about this stuff year-round, and easier, too, than trying to gather it all at once. Now, since I can't wait til this time next year to think about what to stuff in there for both of them, if you leave a comment today, give me some ideas on what next year's boxes could hold for a 4 and a half year old girlie, and a 20-month-old baby boy:)


pakosta said...

1. new ornament for the tree-can even be handmade.
2. $5.00 to spend on a gift for someone else.
3. a slip of paper saying to read a christmas story(any book that you have or the actual story of JEsus birth).
4. buttons (to put on the snowmans eyes) after you build it together.
5. a coupon to build a gingerbread house together.
6. paper snowflakes to hang on the window (or a not telling them to let's make some together).
7. a jingle bell from santa's sleigh (polar express book).
8. put your pajamas on and hop in the car to go ride around and look at christmas lights--maybe have a hershey kiss in each box that only has a note! so they don't get discouraged>and get a treat too>
9. watch a christmas movie.
10. new mittens.

LOVE your ideas!

Megan said...

I know right now Jacob is really into doodles. You could include finger paint that would be for just him or washable markers. Jacob right now loves cars. The ones that are small enough for him to hold but big enough so they don't have small pieces. I will send you what Jacob's look like. Great idea!

jody said...

k...i don't have any ideas for you, but thanks for giving me some!
also, thanks for reminding me that it is December and I missed the first day of ours already. It can't really be December already...can it?

jody said...

Oh! I thought of one...
how about a mug of Hot Chocolate?!?!?

Cathy Bolander said...

What a great idea j.j. Wish I had thought of this but I think it's just one more great thing I can't fit on my plate this year, but I love the idea & may use it one day.

Susie said...

Some of the might be duplicates, here are a few...

A list of songs to go caroling.

A pack of microwave popcorn for movie night.

Hot Chocolate pack with a baggy of marshmallows.

Play hide and go seek inside.

Trinkets to make an I spy bottle.

This is my favorite time of year- I love your advent boxes. They're adorable, J.

Melanie said...

oooh - i wanna see your list and know where you got the boxes. :)

Katie said...

Oh, just love everyone idea's (and yours). We do something similar but I still have a few more to buy or activities to come up with, so I'll have to borrow some of those ideas. Mine is in reaching distance of someones tiny little hands so I put the gift in each night. (-:

Shelly Z. said...

Well since Dane is exactly 20 months old, I have some ideas! Bubbles, toy cars (anything with wheels), balls, airplanes and anything Diego. He loves all those things!

Happy December :-)

Amy said...

I HAVE to bookmark this post for next year. What a great idea, my friend!

Susan said...

i LOVE this idea LOVE it. where did you get the boxes?