Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just hangin out.

That's what we're doing a lot of here. Daddy's home for the rest of the week, and we're all going to be very sad when next week rolls around and he's not here. After almost two weeks off, we've grown rather fond of him being around for breakfast and lunch and all the in betweens. And after all, if he weren't home, we wouldn't have been able to capture for you the beauty that is this hairstyle Alla created just for me. I just love that satisfied look on her face. She worked on this long and hard, let me tell you.
Here, a slightly different angle for you. Think twice before you cut your hair, mamas.

We had a lovely Christmas, and I'm still digging out from under all those photos. Be back in the new year with some Christmas goodness:) Have a safe New Year's Eve, friends. I myself will be in bed way before midnight, kind of sad that the year of my son's birth has passed. Sigh.


Megan said...

I love that she is so pleased with herself! Gone are those days for me. The girls stopped playing with my hair a year or so ago. Now they play with each other. We, too, will be in bed way before midnight. At least in California, we could watch the ball drop at 9pm. The stations don't show it here at 10pm-we have to wait until midnight.

Tara said...

Ashby has recently started styling my hair - i just love it that Ashby wants to take care of her mama. Also, I was in bed at 10:00 last night and asleep by 10:01. :)

Norina said...

I was sad to see 2008 go as was a great year for a Zechariah and a Fisher to be born!

Sue Thomas said...

Love that hairstyle! Alla, you may have quite a future in updos if you keep practicing!!