Monday, June 15, 2009


I actually completed this with four days of starting it. But of course it's taken me a month to post the pic.Here's a close-up. Also completed: Fisher's first-year frame. Sigh.Close-up.Alla's, long since completed, is hung on the opposite wall above her bed.

Close-up. Now onto the seven thousand other projects I create for myself.


pakosta said...

how sweet! love the projects! must feel great to cross them off the list! I got silhouettes of my girls done while at Disney last week and that has been my goal forever!


Megan said...

Lovely. Looking at those baby pics makes me see that Fisher's face is a lot slimmer than Alla's was. They were both great looking babes though! Love the hand prints.

erin said...

That handprint is a fabulous idea. You are such a good mama to those kiddos!

Cathy Bolander said...

Love the handprints & good idea posting the one year photo frame. I'll have to do that myself. Your kiddos really are cute!

Susan said...

oh TOTALLY amazing. i will so be copying off of you.... :)