Thursday, June 11, 2009

More sharing.

My friend. What else is there to say? I wish we lived closer. She and I and our broods.
Walking to the gate one morning while Daddy and Catie were out killing each other on a run. We never saw those elusive penguins, Miss Ellery. Thankfully (for us!), Susie and her crew live in Ohio for the timebeing, and we were lucky enough to spend an evening with them. The girls got reacquainted and had a super time together. Alla and Ashleigh are five days apart. Go visit Susie's blog for a sweet flashback of those girls! Oh, and she made us jump, too!
She also took a super cute picture of those girls, and I am happy to have the outtake. That crazy Susie.
Sweet, sweet Adeline.
The whole Derenzo family, June 2009. I date that because those Derenzos are crazy, too, you just never know when they might decide to have another.
Catie and I have decided that this will be both the Derenzo and the Killins family Christmas picture. Two more, both favorites of Alla. I love this first one because something about her smile makes her look little. That is a little preschooler, baby-toothed smile.
And the last one is just her, just that lovely girl of mine struck by some lovely evening sunlight.
Thanks again, friends. We sure had a wonderful visit-hausen.


Amy said...

Glad you had such a great time together! And thanks so much for the photos. . . if it weren't for you, Susie, and Janelle, I'd never see any pictures of those beautiful Derenzo girls! (Catie, my dear, you really MUST start a blog!)

Samantha said...

You trying to tell us something about Catie, J.J.???? These pics make me so sad for you guys. I know a thing or two about being miles away from your bff.

Susie said...

Theses are so fun-- it was so good to see you guys, J! WE loved joining in on a D & K family cookout!

Katie said...

Such sweet photos. I finally get to see pictures of Ellery grown and Adeline! Wish they were bringing the little ones to CO so I could meet them! )-:

Glad you had a lovely time. Nice jump btw!

Norina said...

Do I see Alla at the top of the pyramind? Will she take after her mama and be sporting poms soon?! These are all so cute!