Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Turns out, something about summer makes it busier than shuttling to and from school twice a week. Go figure.

2. I'm sitting in the middle of five piles of laundry. One left to fold, and then they all have to be put away or packed.

3. Yes, packed! We're headed to the Derenzo's! Yeah!

4. We've been toting around the point-and-shoot lately, so here are some recent Killins family snapshots. First, the children's festival last weekend. A window-front family shot. 5. My son and I when he wasn't chasing and signing buses.
6. Took Alla to see "UP" on Friday night. Lovely! A bit scary and in-your-face 3D during the conflict part, but such a great girls night out!
7. Alla and her buddy Canton during Memorial Day grilling festivities.

8. Daddy and son during Memorial Day grilling with friends.
9. Mama and son doing the same. This is when we discovered he loves blueberries and salmon.
10. Now we're off to the Farmer's Market, which opens today! Maybe some fresh spinach will be found for smoothies in the morning:)


Megan said...

I love that family-in-the-window picture. Alla is showing her little sass in that picture. Jacob will eat a whole pint of blueberries if I let him. Inhales them, I tell you. Have fun at the Derenzo house!

Cathy Bolander said...

Have fun on your trip. It looks like Memorial Day was really fun. By the way who are the Derenzo's?

pakosta said...

what a fun family pic! we just bought a point and shoot(our girls had one but we didn't) and we are trying to remember to keep it in my bag or the car at all times. got to get better at this!!! have fun on your trip! we are headed to Disney on monday morning! my girls don't know though! their FIRST TIME!

Katie said...

Oh have fun on your trip! Please tell them hello for us! Maybe you can convince them to bring their girls! I so want to meet them!

Amy said...

Lovely family photo. I love how much fun you guys are all having! And have tons and tons of fun in Ohio! :-)

Norina said...

You look so pretty in that pic of you and Fisher.