Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I must have warmed up my coffee fifteen times this morning.

2. We are back to wonderfully cool temperatures this morning (57) after last week's 90+. Today it might get to 70. I much prefer this week. I love that I'm wearing jeans on the last day of June. The last day of July will most likely be much different.

3. We are in the last few days of swim "camp," and I'm just hoping that Alla starts to enjoy putting her head underwater very soon. Today she "dove" under!

4. That coffee table project is stalled. The sanding block isn't doing the trick, and the label on the stripper Ron brought me sounded absolutely frightening, like death was probably a given once you opened the can. So I'm taking that back and I guess we're getting a small power sander. Seriously, this is not supposed to be that much work.

5. My princess is sitting right here with a crown eating Joe's O's.

6. Korean Ribs are in the crockpot for dinner.

7. The kid always has a snack. He's very possessive of the actual snack cup, too, grabbing it from the dishwasher first thing in the morning and pretty much carrying it around the rest of the day. Snack cup+wagon=happy baby.

8. Three summers ago, I was counting and writing down Alla's words as quickly as they came out of her mouth. This morning we counted 75 words she read.

9. This summer I've started writing down Fisher's words. Some super-cute ones: heh-woh (hello), foam (phone), and kakohmama (avocado). That last one's a stretch, buddy.

10. I'm obsessed with this song lately. Playing it over and over and over and over. If you fast forward you'll get past the chatting and right to the good singing. Love it.


pakosta said...

You should be so PROUD! I am sure all the time you spend reading with Alla is the reason she is reading so earlY! My girls were like that too! Ava was reading chapter books by 5! LOOK OUT! Alla will be doing that SOON!
That will be a good scrappy page, a photo of her with a book and a list of all the words!

Dre said...

question: those korean ribs look good, but the recipe does not say how many pounds of beef ribs. she just said one package- which of course varies. New to crock pot-- how much did you use?