Friday, June 26, 2009

For today.

Been spying this around the internet the past week or so, and love the idea, from The Simple Woman's Daybook. Will probably repeat often.

For Today.

Outside my sun, blue skies, that coffee table that just won't sand down lying there on the grass

I am thinking...TGIF

I am thankful for...a day to rest (no swimming, no having to be anywhere today but home)

From the kitchen...should be Pizza Friday, so I'm trying to think of something for me that would be as wonderful. Only I don't think there's anything as wonderful as Pizza Friday?

I am wearing...long denim shorts, coral tee, 'naked bare feet'

I am reading...Crossing to Saftey. Alla and I just finished Stuart Little.

I am have a coffee table stripped and sanded and drying by Monday morning.

I am hearing...fussy little baby not wanting to nap, Mamamamamama

I am creating...three scrapbook pages this week! Yay Scrapbook Night!

Around the out for the first day this week. So nice to be home. It's clean, it's weekend-ready

One of my favorite things...seeing that garden grow bigger everyday. Boy, those zucchini leaves!

A few plans for the weekend...have I already mentioned coffee table? Check. Family race tomorrow at the Stone Arch Bridge. Enjoy the cooler temps. Get some produce: bananas, avocados, watermelon, nectarines.

A picture to share...


Cathy Bolander said...

Love the idea. Creating my own right now. Thanks. And Alla's face in that pic just makes me smile.

Shelly Z. said...

Love this...I copied it! I actually had time to do it. Yay!!! So looking forward to our visit this weekend :-)