Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The big switch-out.

Around here we have two sets of clothes, so one set is always in storage. This past weekend we got the winter boxes out, which is always super exciting for the kids because in their boxes are entire new wardrobes. All purchased last year end-of-season, of course.

It's quite a process of sorting through what might fit next year, what will definitely be too small and thus go into permanent storage, and what will be given away. Piled up on Alla's bed is Fisher's too-small pile, and I couldn't resist snapping a shot of all those little clothes altogether before they went away.

Someday I'll have a mountain of clothing to part with, but for now I'm too sentimental, which is why I take pictures of it all.


pakosta said...

my girls barely have ANY clothes at all lately. Savannah FINALLY grew! She has been wearing some of these clothes since 2007!!! she is just now finally getting out of them! she can wear a 10 for length, but needs an 8 for her waist, which is IMPOSSIBLE! with homeschooling now, I have bought NOTHING at all lately! I need to go shopping for them! esp. savannah! they have been in the same size now for years, but have different styles!

Amy said...

I SO need to do this in my own closet. My clothes don't look nearly as adorable piled up like that.

I also feel like I have a constant rotation of "too small for Ben" "just right for Ben" "too small for Hayden will fit Ben soon" "just right for Hayden" "stuff I bought ahead for Hayden". And with crazy Montana weather, we're not quite ready to retire all the short sleeve shirts. Too many clothes!