Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. On Sunday we were coming home from dinner with Pappi, and it was getting dark. Alla said to us, It's so cool, the letters on all the buildings light up! In between grown-up chuckles, we said to ourselves, We should take them out more.

2. Fisher's new word is gorgeous, as in The dentist is gohgeous.

3. Fisher's favorite book, as in we read it every naptime and bedtime, is Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer.

4. Last Friday, I did not change a single poopy diaper, and that's cause my son pooped on the potty twice that day.

5. But we're over that now, apparently.

6. Last Friday when Alla came home from school, she and I watched the movie Babies, which was such a wonderful lesson in culture. I loved that she narrated the whole wordless wonder for me.

7. I need a game for the two and the five year old to play together because we can only play so many rounds of Animal Bingo. Ideas?

8. We are in the midst of a string of lovely sunny seventy-degree weather. Awesome.

9. I have broken so many of our dinner plates that we are now down to five. Seriously. FIVE dinner plates, that's it. So now I'm forced to make a decision, which I hate. Either decide to get more of what we have, or just toss all the chipped stuff and get something altogether different. Like white. White?

10. Guess where we're headed Friday morning when Alla's off of school? To my Mom's, that's where. Yes, folks, The Killins Family finally has family in Minnesota to go visit.


Cathy Bolander said...

That sounds so fun. Have a great time with your mom.

Elizabeth said...

We had the exact same thing happen last week with the girls... especially Bridget, who kept commenting on the GLOWING buildings... hee hee. Need to get out more at night : ) We watched Babies for family movie night recently and everyone loved it!

Megan said...

That's so cool that your mom is finally there! I love Mercer Meyer too. Games...if he can play bingo he can do a memory game too. Jacob liked to "find the pictures" when he was 2 1/2 and still does. Also the kids love to play hungry hungry hippo together.

pakosta said...

the game GUESS WHO is fun, what about "hide the penny, button or whatever you have" then you say, "getting hot or getting colder" etc. when they come closer to it or move further away. what about name characteristics of animals and have him guess: like " i have whiskers and a tail and I purr, what am I"?! etc!!!

Melanie said...

C seemed to enjoy candyland when we were on vacay.

i also pick out about six things and show them to her, put them under a blanket and then take one and have her tell me what is missing. she loves that. i remember doing it in preschool. :)

erin said...

JJ, Pottery Barn has caterer sets of their white dishes and that's what we switched to when our plates finally started breaking (it's been 10 years...I guess it's time!). Anyway, we have the plates and bowls. They come in sets of 12 and are only like $50 for the set which I think is pretty great for PB!