Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Five and a Half.

In honor of her five and a half birthday, which she's been looking forward to for quite some time, today's ten features my favorite girl!

1. Alla does not like jeans.
2. She loves to paint, write draw, make, create.
3. She could eat Trader Joe's gluten-free frozen pancakes every morning for breakfast.
4. She loves every movie she watches, declaring each one her new favorite. The latest is Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.
5. She loves to use a baby spoon to eat her applesauce.
6. She is a wonderful big sister, she loves to make Fisher happy and to be the one who takes care of him.
7. She wishes there were more dresses (and therefore tights) in the winter box.
8. She is the greatest storyteller.
9. She loves music, always wants music on, is always making up her own songs, always singing.
10. She recently got a pink baseball hat from her Aunt Renee and she looks so dang cute in it. It just suits her, and she loves it.

Happy five and a half today, honey bunny!


Katherine said...

Alla is a lovely girl. I know my Juliette would just adore her. Happy half-birthday!

pakosta said...

happy 5.5 today alla!
hope your day is gREAT!
tell alla that I eat my yogurt and my pudding with a baby spoon still at 40 years old! makes it last longer LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUG her for me today! she's gorgeous jj!

Katie said...

Oh yea! Happy half birthday Alla! You keep getting prettier and prettier!

BTW what is up with the love of tights? Kelsea is the same way? I have to convince Kelsea to wear jeans too. I try and find ones with some sort of sparkle adornment on it. :-)

Megan said...

Mazie and Jamie are the same. They like the "fabulous" looking jeans. No plain jeans here. I think it's just easier for them at school anyway. Happy half birthday, big girl!

Susie said...

My sister adores her half-birthday and just celebrated it at the beginning of April- she's 22, J.J.

Here's to half-birthdays and one cutie pie Alla :)

Cathy Bolander said...

Happy 1/2 birthday! It's so exciting to see how much she changes every year (in this case every 6 months.)