Friday, October 01, 2010

Killins Family Twenty Questions.

Print out a copy of this fun questionnaire and bring it to the dinner table tonight and enjoy everyone's answers, then make sure to post so we can all read, too!

D=Daddy, M= Mama, A=Alla, F=Fisher

1) What is your favorite color?
D: Blue
M: Red
A: Pink
F: Brown

2) What is your favorite food?
D: Chinese
M: Mexican
A: ff’s and crispy chicken
F: blueberries (booberries)

3) What is your favorite show?
D: Seinfeld
M: Parenthood
A: Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That
F: Mighty Machines

4) What is your favorite restaurant?
D: PF Chang’s
M: Nick + Eddie
A: Red Robin
F: Red Robin

5) What is your favorite movie?
D: The Matrix
M: The Princess Bride
A: The Wild
F: Wall E

6) What is your favorite season?
D: Spring
M: Summer
A: Winter
F: Playing

7) What is your favorite class?
D: Math
M: [Modern] Dance
A: Science
F: Miss Sara

8) What do you want to be when you grow up?
D: Video game tester
M: Mama
A: A Mommy
F: Pirate

9) What is your favorite sport?
D: Running
M: Running
A: Biking
F: Biking

10) What is your favorite game?
D: Modern Warfare
M: Apples to Apples
A: Monopoly
F: Animal Bingo

11) What is your favorite song at the moment?
D: Sugarlumps
M: Half of My Heart
A: “If I Had You” (Adam Lambert) and “Anyway You Want It” (the Glee version)
F: Ram Sam Sam

12) What is your favorite book?
D: The Passage
M: East of Eden
A: Harry Potter (#1)
F: Machines Go To Work

13) What is your favorite character?
D: Mr. T
M: Harry Potter
A: Adam Lambert
F: A320

14) Where is your favorite place to go with your family?
D: California
M: the beach
A: Nana + Pappi’s
F: Home Depot

15) Who are some of your best friends?
D: Ralph, Adam, Josh
M: Catie, Nicole, Andrea
A: Leigha, Fisher, Carter and Canton (but Fisher is my “best best best best friend”)
F: Lovey, Alla, Carter and Canton

16) What is your favorite animal?
D: cheetah
M: giraffes and dolphins
A: zebras and lions
F: skunk

17) What is your favorite holiday?
D: Christmas
M: Christmas
A: Christmas and Halloween
F: Park

18) What is your favorite instrument?
D: saxophone
M: piano
A: guitar
F: Ram Sam Sam

19) What is your favorite activity to do alone?
D: video games
M: read
A: draw
F: [play] firetruck

20) What's your favorite toy?
D: iPhone
M: camera
A: Raggedy Ann and Andy, Lily, and Bodie
F: Lovey and pink car

Thanks for the idea, Marie!


Megan said...

Oh, how fun! Maybe next week I will do this. Love it.

Marie said...

So glad you did it too! I laughed a few times at Fish's answers-I just love 2 1/2 year olds :)

Dre said...

that was adorable and I got a shout out. miss you honey... {{{HUG}}}