Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We are STILL enjoying the amazing weather, as in above 70 every single day. The weather section in today's newspaper reminded us that on this day last year, we got 2.5 inches of snow. I seem to remember scrambling to find winter stuff for Alla who desperately wanted to get out there in it. I'm very glad that today we will be enjoying a nice warm trip to the Farmer's Market.

2. The vegetables Fisher likes: beets and sweet potatoes.

3. The vegetables Alla likes: carrots, red pepper, cucumber, peas, peapods.

4. Notice how their preferences don't overlap. Fun.

5. Something they do agree on: The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.

6. Fisher is a no-go on the movie Cars. We've tried a few times, so I give up. He certainly knows what Lightning McQueen looks like but a movie about racing cars just ins't up his alley. Why can't Disney make a movie about diggers?

7. For Fisher's dinner tonight: brown rice and roasted beets. Another thing he doesn't like: grilled chicken. Who doesn't like grilled chicken?

8. Our neighbor's tree has lost all of its leaves; this is the time of year when I feel all high and mighty about having a late-faliing tree.

9. I have both the September and October issues of Real Simple to read. I need a day at the spa with my magazines, I think.

10. My favorite part of today: walking out of the library with the kids (and a bag full of approximately 89 books) and seeing my handsome husband walking toward us, surprising us. Knowing that the kids hadn't seen him yet, knowing how great their joy would be in just moments, and then seeing it on their faces as they catapulted themselves at him. And Alla, This made my day, Daddy.


Cathy Bolander said...

Great 10. Glad your weather is staying nice & you are taking advantage of it. And I love what Alla said to Ron.

Megan said...

My kiddos do not like grilled chicken either. Even Jacob who loves chicken. I have to either bake it or put it in the crock pot. Our high yesterday was 55 and it was rainy. But I love Fall and the cooler weather so I'm ready for it.

Marie said...

I honestly think Charlie would watch Cars every single day if I let him. He is in love with both Cars and Thomas. That being said, I am pretty sure the kid wouldn't touch a beet with a ten foot pole :(