Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today Fisher is 31 months old!

2. I have a recipe for pumpkin pancakes that I am dying to try. What sort of fall treats are you making these days?

3. The weather is getting chillier, highs around 60. Hence #2.

4. In other fall cooking news, I made my first apple crips (or "apple crips," as Fisher called it) this weekend, and both kids tried and then politely refused it. Tell me, what on earth is more perfectly simple than apple crisp?

5. Here's where I remind myself that Fisher loves roasted beets and Alla loves roasted garbanzo beans.

6. I am very close to being able to place an order for July through September photos. Then, as I stuff them into albums, I can listen to my husband complain about the volumes of photos we have and how our children will be overly documented and how our ancestors will find our albums and think we must have been famous because of how well documented we were.

7. Isn't he funny?

8. Fisher got a few new pairs of socks today after Ron commented that his sock drawer looked like we had not purchased socks for the poor lad since infancy. It is sadly true that he's gotten maybe one or two new pairs since his first winter. Sorry, bud.

9. I am so looking forward to Alla not having school this Thursday and Friday. So, so, so.

10. Craving a one-pot wonder kind of baked dish. That's a hard one - uh, let's see, no pasta, no cheese, and preferably something the kids would just die for. Ha! I won't hold my breath.


Megan said...

I made some pumpkin whoopie pies yesterday. We've had pumpkin cake and some pumpkin chip muffins too. What about throwing some chicken in to the crock pot with carrots and celery? My kids like that once in a while. They typically prefer the chicken only version though.

Samantha said...

We make pumpkin pancakes all the time. To Die For!!!

jody said...

I have already exhausted all of my fall cooking. I get all excited and then make it all in like 2 weeks. Have done every soup known to man, chili, roasts, you name it! Also, have done apple crisp, apple fritters, apple coffee cake, caramel apples, and gonna make apple muffins and apple butter this week. Also, have a yummy recipe for pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting and a candy corn on top! So, see...i really don't know how I could be losing weight!!!

Emma said...

Hi there,
I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while and two things about this post prompted me to comment! First, please would you share your recipes (methods?) for roasted beets and roasted garbanzos? I think we would enjoy both! Second, I have a great one-pot recipe that uses couscous, but I've been thinking recently that you could substitute partially cooked quinoa, or even rice. It's so good, quick and easy and my boys gobble it up. I've been making it for years and have never needed to change the recipe. Here's the link, hope it works:

Amy said...

So behind in checking blogs, but happy to catch up with you! I always enjoy reading about what the Killins family is up to. Miss you guys!

I bought a 3 pack of jumbo size cans of pumpkin at Costco and as soon as we get home, I'm making Susie's pumpkin choc chip bars. Yum! We'll have to try the pumpkin pancakes--do you have a favorite recipe?