Saturday, January 08, 2011

Photo-a-day, Part I.

For several years now, I've done a photo-a-day project for the month of January. It's refreshing, to have this to focus on after the hurriedness of the holidays. Come February 1st I'm usually ready to give the camera a few days' rest; there is just no way I could commit to taking one picture a day for the entire year. Not yet, at least. Every year I try to simplify a little more, because it really is about the photos and words together, and I want to hold them together, not have them trapped in my computer. I've been successful at making mini-albums of these, and goodness it is so fun to look back at a whole month, always January, at a time, each year.

So, without further ado...January 2011!
January 1. Happy New Year, kids! I am supremely grateful that Daddy and I are feeling better today, and that the plague seems to be on its way out of the house. May we continue to love each other, listen to each other, help each other, and make each other laugh this year. I wish I could say we had some lovely celebratory dinner, but due to the aforementioned illness, we are having hodge-podge tonight.
January 2. Daddy's last day home. It's been so nice to have him home for a whole week. You kids just LOVE your Daddy, and boy does he love you, loves playing your games. Like doctor check and dentist appointment.
January 3. Monday, back to school. I was very glad to get back to "normal" around here, and by "normal" I mean please no one be sick. But. I was not glad for you to go back to school because I miss you when you're gone, and I worry about you, and I wonder what you're doing at school and on the bus. Michele brought you home safe and sound, with tons to tell me, in your Christmas dress.
January 4. I hadn't had my hair cut and colored since September, so this Tuesday evening hair appointment was much needed. Finding Sharon was the luckiest thing for me. I look forward to my quarterly hair appointments because she has become a dear friend. And, funny thing, our daughters were born on the exact same date!
January 5. If only I had a macro! If only I could have captured. We were waiting for the no-show bus alternating between inside and out when we noticed the snow on my vest, star-shaped, six points, and with my almost-34-year-old eyes I could guess that the teensy star had all the icy glinting lines of the snowflakes in books. You saw one on my vest. I saw one in your hair. It was beautiful, but here, just a washed-out speck.
January 6. Fisher, you don't nearly look old enough to be getting dropped off for your first day of First Friends, but here you are waiting by Ben and there's Jane getting all of you into coats and hats and mittens. I am so proud of you, buddy. You did it! You had a fun day, you peed in the potty, you ate your snack, and you even brought home some new art for Mama. I love you.

January 7. When you were littler, and the only one, we'd spend our afternoon hours lazing on my bed, reading, listening to you telling stories, snuggling, nursing. Now we bring library books and see if we can read them all before Fisher wakes up. I'm so glad you still love snuggling.January 8. You are doing amazingly well on the potty, mister. Some accidents here and there, but I think you might actually be getting it. And it doesn't hurt that Daddy has promised you TWO shows for pooping on the potty. Whatever it takes, he says. We are so proud of you, and impressed, and also think we've created a Monster.January 9. Christmas part two! Yesterday Nana officially moved to Minnesota, joining Pappi, and we couldn't be happier. Today we celebrated our Christmas with them, which was lovely because we all got to watch you open your gifts from them and enjoy them all day. Alla you are just smitten with your fairy collection! We are just so so happy they moved here to be with us.

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Amy said...

These are wonderful, J.J.! I love your stories to go with them. . . such a great thing to do! And that one of Alla getting off the bus almost makes me cry. How can she be old enough to be riding the school bus?!?! My favorite though is the snowflake one. So cool (even without the macro!)!