Monday, January 03, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Last week for some reason we decided to start potty training. Oh, joy. So, yesterday he earned an A+ for pee and an F- for poop. Like I said: Oh, joy.

2. We have been getting the kids in bed around 7:30. For this one I really do mean OH JOY!

3. Ron thought Christmas vacation was going to be about sitting around reading books. He thought I might come close to finishing The Passage. Ha! I'm on page 100. Of like seven million pages.

4. Alla does not like brown rice. I don't know what you can possibly have against brown rice.

5. We have our second Christmas this Sunday, when Nana and Pappi arrive! But when I say 'arrive,' I actually mean LIVE, so really that's about all the Christmas I need. My own mom, going to live half an hour away from us! I sorta can't believe it!

6. I am so glad to be back to "normal" this week.

7. Fisher ate his snack today at school! It is literally the first time this entire school year that he has sat down and had snack. I don't know what the kid has against snacktime at school, but I'm hoping he's realized it's a fun part.

8. Fisher peed on the potty at school today!

9. One more big Fisher deal - Thursday is his first day of school by himself! We will go together on Tuesdays and he gets to go by himself on Thursdays. This is huge. It was probably the biggest factor in how confident Alla felt going into preschool, and seeing as how Fisher has some obstacles that she didn't, I'm glad we're at this point and that he's excited about it!

10. So that means that on Thursday, when I drop him off, I will be officially kid-less for the first time since those few weeks when Alla was 2 doing this pre-preschool program, getting dropped off, and I was hauling my pregnant self all over town trying to finish baby stuff. That was three years ago. My plan for these Thursdays is volunteering in Alla's classroom. I can't wait! She's so excited to have me there!


Katherine said...

Oh, you are so much nicer than I am. The fact that you're spending your Fisher-less days in Alla's classroom... that's some serious commitment, lady. I'd be running around town going "Look at me! No kids!!!"


Susan Weinroth said...

Whaaaaaaat?! your mom is moving to MN? i need to catch up on your blog. That is SO fabulous JJ - I'm so happy for you guys... :)