Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I've been looking at my Goodreads to-read list, and now have a virtual stack of books I'd love to read this year.

2. After I finish The Passage, which by the way, I'm not yet half way through, I'm going to have to read either juvenile or young adult fiction, because The Passage is very heavy (literally) and suspenseful.

3. Fisher and Alla both learned the same song in school today, something about a muffin in a bakery shop, you know the kind with the honey and the nuts on top. The mom-of-a-nut-allergic-child in me, however, immediately wanted to get to work on changing that up a bit, something like the kind with the zucchini and the oats on top. Ha!

4. Speaking of muffins, it's been awhile since I made any. Might be time for me to work on a gluten-free sunshine muffin recipe.

5. By two and a half, Alla was already in a big-kid bed. Fisher has in no way outgrown his crib, but I'm starting to wonder if this is the year.

6. I want to get rid of the queen bed in the playroom so.very.much. It takes up way too much play space. Valuable play space.

7. Ron and I went on a date Sunday evening and got to eat out PLUS a movie! We saw True Grit, which we thought was completely enjoyable. Thanks, Mom and Bob!

8. I got to talk to one of my oldest and best friends today. Wonderful.

9. Today my older brother Josh celebrates his birthday. It doesn't really matter how old he is, just that he's older than me. Happy Birthday!

10. Thanks to my sister-in-law I am now the proud owner of a ginormous cast iron skillet. I am at just the age to be able to handle a responsibility like this (though not strong enough to pick it up with one hand). I am taking incredible care of it, and just know that one day Alla will be the proud owner of the cast iron skillet Mama got for her 34th birthday. She'll boast about her 50-year-old skillet!


Susie said...

I want to see this cast iron skillet!!

Cathy Bolander said...

I just finished the Passage 5 minutes ago. Very deep, good & left me screaming "When does the next book come out?" I hope one does. I would love for you to share your book list.

Samantha said...

Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy yet (juvenile)? total mommy-crack. I'd love some suggestions, as I'm all out of book ideas.