Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three reasons.

My son, there are about a million reasons why I love you, but today let me tell you three.

First, you are so super cute in your underwear. I know I can't stand to see you grow up, and that means out of diapers, but those little buns in Toy Story underwear are irresisitable.

Second, if you look closely, you are using an orange calculator to talk on the phone, to Vacuum Vic of course. You are the only two-year-old in the world who knows what a vactor is, pretends to be one in the summer, and pretends to call one in the winter.

Third - and I do not have a picture of this but I am guessing you can paint one for yourself as we go along here - today you stuck a piece of turkey burger in your nose. Nope, that's not reason number three. In fact, that alone might actually count against you. The chunk was placed there at lunchtime and after many attempts with the sucker and lots of crying from you - "I guess it's lost forever" - we just let it be until Daddy came home and discovered it was STILL there! But, in a very serious and polite manner, while Daddy was extracting it, you said, "And then may I eat it?"

I love you, Buddy.


Cathy Bolander said...

I love little undies on boys. So cute. ANd reason #3 made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

donya gjerdingen said...

Haha! What a cute list. And man, I can't wait until my little guy is potty trained. I have a slight obsession over little boy undies at Old Navy and can't wait until I can buy a few. It's odd but true. (found your blog through Erin Cobb, but what's funny is that I'm also in MN!)

Megan said...

Little boy undies are irresistable. I still catch myself patting Jacob's buns when he's getting dressed or undressed. Can't help it. And why are boys so gross but kind of cute about it? Is it just because or what?

Mindi said...

What a cutie.
I love buns in unders too. Just something about them. I also love that he's standing on the heat vent with no pants on. Smart man.

Susie said...

OI! That gives me the heebie jeebies to think about, but with a face that cute, you gotta love him!

Amy said...

Hilarious! Oh, I love you Fisher! (and little boy underwear is pretty dang adorable!)