Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shout-out to 2010.

There are over 2800 files in my 2010 folder, and some of those are edited duplicates, of course, but it goes without saying that I take a lot of pictures. So it's pretty hard to nail down a favorite from each month. I think these fairly represent favorite moments, favorite images, and what our family was about in 2010.

1. Alla started kindergarten - whoa. 2. Goofball parents cooking turkey dinner. 3. Big sister leading little kangaroo on his first trick or treating adventure. 4. Christmas aftermath. 5. The pink car, 'nuff said. 6. Dusty. (Why do I have a picture of a street sweeper on our 2010 collage? Because it was the story of summer, chasing that lovely machine around our neighborhood on bike, with stroller, whatever.) 7. Dear Freshly Painted House, Happy Four Year Anniversary! 8. The tractor makes its outside debut. 9. Bathtime fun. 10. Soaking up sun in California in March. 11. Celebrating 8 years. 12. My little helpers at the kitchen counter.


Megan said...

I'm not seeing the picture you posted but your discription tells me which pictures you are writing about. I think I saw them all in my head and they are great!

(not my head...the pictures are great!)

Shelly Z. said...

Great collage!!! I love how you capture pictures of your kids together...we seem to have a hard time doing that. They never sit still!! What's your secret?? :-)