Thursday, February 10, 2011

The best toy ever.

I realize that's quite a statment with all of the toys we have around here, and I also realize that many of you may not agree because you probably have your own best toy ever. Look closely, can you figure out which toy I'm talking about? Nope, it's not Scoop, although we've checked that one out of Fisher's school library so many times that we might as well just adopt him.
It's not Elmo, though Fisher would scream if he had to sleep without him.
It's not even the crane, though that definitely ranks in the top five for Fisher.
It's actually the pom poms, those teeny bits of color scattered all.over.the.floor.all.the.time.
So, what I'm guessing is that if you disagree with me on the best toy ever thing, then it might be because your tolerance for teeny bits of color scattered all over the floor all the time is just a teensy bit lower than mine. I think, frankly, that the reason I tolerate them so well (aside from the fact that the kids actually clean them up when asked), is because of their pretty colors.
Think of the possibilities! Scooping, sorting, dumping with trucks, making rainbows on the floor, counting, taking to the dump with your trash trucks. It's endless.
These little guys are such great "toys" that I would go as far as to say every two year old (and five year old) should have their very own set. But I wouldn't go as far as to buy them for your two year old (or five year old) because of the above-mentioned tolerance issue.
So, if you think you might have a high tolerance for these little fluffy pretties, make your way to the crafts store, or get lucky at the dollar spot, because your kiddos will love them! Did I mention they are also the cheapest toy ever??


Susie said...

Ash just requested a new supply the other day... too bad we don't have a scoop or a crane to play with them, though...

pakosta said...

my girls call those things "puffles' and they make them as their pets!
we still use them at ages 11 and 9! LOL!