Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five.

1. It is most definitely a grocery shopping weekend. Even Ron is saying our cupboards are bare. There are actual echoes in the fridge. In spite of that, we had a lovely lunch. I found a bag of frozen sweetie fries in the freezer, Fisher chose black beans and white beans, and some pepitas and dried cherries to round it out. Alla got some leftover pasta.

2. Today was Alla's 100th day of school. Her teacher told them they are 100 days smarter; I love that.

3. Tonight we took the kids to see Despicable Me at Ron's work. We had such a good time. The kids are hilarious at movies. Alla has NO inside voice, she just screams, asks questions, laughs - all at top volume. And then Fisher asks every five minutes, Is it over? because he doesn't want it to be over, and if it IS going to be over then he wants some warning.

4. I am in the middle of Organized Simplicity and Love Walked In, plus I have another book waiting for me at the library. I have to get reading.

5. Fisher: Mommy, do you have to poop and pee? I have lots of poop. Super, Bud. I wonder if you ask your teachers that, too?


donya gjerdingen said...

Aw, I hate surprises as well, so I too like to know when a movie is ending. I hate when the end sneaks up on me!

Megan said...

Did they like Despicable Me? We love that movie. Your son being curious about your bodily functions is better than my son feeling up his teacher! He likes soft things and so then he decided to rub his teachers breasts because they are "fluffy" and she had a soft shirt on! Nice.