Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This weekend Ron asked if we were listening to anything other than The Avett Brothers lately.

2. The Avett Brothers concert we were having was in response to my being very late to the Mumford & Sons party, which I'm sure I'd be playing instead if I actually lived above ground and had heard of that wonderful band before the Grammy's.

3. Fisher is still remembering a few weeks ago when he "fro'd up." I'd rather not remember.

4. Alla made us a lovely granola and yogurt breakfast in bed this weekend. Aw!

5. She recently told me that the three worst things about being a kid are: 1. You can't have your own dog. 2. You can't have your own wishing well. 3. You don't get your own magic wand to make your own dog not poop.

6. For awhile there we were washing snow clothes every single day for the puddles outside.

7. Then we had a big snowstorm and our completely cleared of snow deck now has a fresh foot.

8. Alla asked me how big your heart is. I told her about as big as your fist. She said that she thought it grew one you got more love until it was HUGE.

9. She's been invited to her friend's gymnastics class tomorrow. Fun!

10. Do you know what Fisher wants most in the whole wide world for his upcoming big third birthday? A pretend vactor. Straight from his mouth, that's what he wants. I mean, what do you even do with that? Alla's magic wand would come in handy here.


Melanie said...

oh, fisher... that sounds like a delightful 3rd birthday present!

we won't tell miss C. she'd likely want one as well. :)

jody said...

Oh, I love The Avett Bros and Momford and Sons. If you like both of them, you might also like Trampled by Turtles, who are from Duluth!

Megan said...

I understand the whole trucks and cars things with boys but why a sewer cleaner? I suggest you start looking online for that very specific toy. I'm sure you will find something! And Miss Alla, I wish those where the things that stink about being a grownup. Miss you.

Susie said...

hahah, what a unique personality he has :) I love Alla's three wishes, let me know if she get s a magic wand. I have a few wishes myself :)

Amy said...

Your kiddos are so creative! I love reading what they come up with. Literally laughed out loud about Alla's 3 worst parts about being a kid!

donya gjerdingen said...

I absolutely love reading funny things kids say because it makes me a little less sad about my baby becoming a toddler very soon. I can't wait until he start speaking funny things.

Just a heads up to a follow Minnesotan, there may be yet another snow storm coming Sunday/Sunday night... I'm really hoping it goes to the south of us. I'm ready for Spring!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, how we love the Avett Brothers in this house. We listen to them over and over and over. We also have the Mumford & Sons album but I have to say, I don't love it. It doesn't even come close to Avett Brothers for me and parts of it are so stinking depressing :P