Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We're back down to single digits here. Oh, wait, that was today. Tonight we've dipped to three below.

2. Alla has decided to enter the science fair, optional for kindergarteners, but she came home fired up about it, so we had to back her. Truth be told, I've always hated science projects, so good think she has Daddy.

3. Fisher wants a real vactor for his birthday.

4. Miraculously, both kids' valentines are done. Alla made her own this year - came home with a heart and asked me to make her a template (yep she said that) so she could make more and then paint them. All I had to do was staple bags of candy to them. Fisher and I worked on his yesterday and they are ready for his little party next week.

5. I'm now reading Zeitoun. Alla and I started the second Little House book.

6. Our fried rice dinner was delish! The kids did not think so.

7. I should have bought Alla a winter wardrobe comprised solely of dresses and skirts and tights because there are upteen pants in her drawer with tags still on them. Her teacher must think she has about three outfits that she's forced to rotate.

8. I am loving an afternoon cup of green tea with a spoonful of raw honey.

9. Alla is crazy for Wild Kratts. Crazy, I tell you.

10. My favorite lunch lately is a bowl of quinoa with sauteed red onion, spinach, beans, and feta. Yum!


Katherine said...

I think it's great we're on the same reading plan. :)

pakosta said...

hey j! good to hear updates!
keep them coming!

Melanie said...

C is crazy for wild kratts, too! every day she asks me a billion times, "what chris and martin going to talk about today? alligators?!" :)