Thursday, February 02, 2012

Typical breakfast.

Thanks to a 9:15 start time for both kids' schools, mornings are not harried around here. The kids stroll out of bed whenever their bodies get them up, or when the other sibling is too loud. If they are up by eight, they will have plenty of time to make their beds, get dressed, eat, brush hair and teeth.

Breakfast itself is probably the most prolonged part of the morning. Alla as a baby was never the type to squirm, wanting out of her high chair. She'd sit there eating happily but slowly, and then continue to sit while I cleaned up, or while Ron and I ate dinner. So it really is no surprise that she continues to languish at the table, no matter the meal, actually.

Today's breakfast was sunbutter on waffles with sliced apples. And a side of Junie B. First Grader for Alla.

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Megan said...

This made me giggle! Thanks!!