Friday, February 03, 2012

Art day.

Last week, pre-snaggletooth Alla had a four-day weekend, so we had two long days with nowhere to be, kind of like summer but with cooler temperatures. The three of us spent much of those days in our pajamas, watching movies, playing games, Alla telling her stories, reading lots of books. At some point she reminded me of some blissful day (last year? Spring Break?) where I got lots of random art stuff out and they just went to town creating, and could we please do that again? It's what I hope for as a mom, the warm memories implanted in their brains, of long lazy mornings in pajamas with a messy table covered in colorful possibilities.I wonder if that period ends, or if it has to.
I hope it doesn't. I hope they know that I'll always be willing to get out all the random art stuff so they can go to town creating their little hearts out.

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pakosta said...

if it keeps them busy, heck, do it every weekend LOL!
AVa still loves to draw, do art stuff, paint, clay etc.
Savannah not as much, but she is quite busy being gone all day long and quite tired every night!
LOVE the pix!