Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five.

1. Went for a run this morning after dropping Fisher at preschool, and as I had my phone on me in case the nurse at his school has to get in touch with me, I was able to snap this shot of part of the path that we run. We are so lucky to have this! 2. Yesterday running an errand, Fisher bought a one cent pink gumball for himself, and a blue one to give to his sister when we picked her up later that afternoon.3. I don't know what kind of (delicious) cheese the local Mexican joints are using in their quesadillas, but we have tried at two different establishments, and both were unsatisfactory to Alla. We have to come up with a winner next time, or we'll lose her forever to chicken strips and french fries. Flautas? Tacos?

4. Fisher yesterday was super excited that we still had one "cute little banana" left for him.

5. Bedtime prayers might be my favorite time of day. Last night Fisher gave thanks "for this pray," "for words that rhyme with jello" (no clue - the kid hasn't even tried jello), and then turned to Big Elmo, sat him up, took his hands, and said bedtime prayers together.

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