Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Why can't I ever remember to separate the chicken breasts before I freeze them?

2. Doing so would have made today's Tortilla Soup a lot easier.

3. I rely on Dr. Praegger's veggie patties for lunch quite often - they go with everything!

4. Took Fisher to Pump It Up for a nice surprise this morning, since swimming was cancelled again. He walked out saying, That was sure fun!

5. Both Pinterest and the Houzz app are great time-wasters.

6. Granola in the crockpot smells delightful.

7. We are lucky to have found two new books at the library that Fisher just adores, which is saying a lot considering that he is the world's pickiest book chooser. It generally has to have some sort of real-life photographs of construction vehicles, battleships, firetrucks, airplanes, or boats in order to worthy of his time. But alas, we stumbled on The Woods and have been reading that every day.

8. We've also twice checked out local author Kevin Kling's Big Little Brother, which both kids think is funny, and as an added bonus is illustrated by local author Chris Monroe of Monkey With a Toolbelt fame.

9. Yesterday Fisher and I went for a run and a stop at the park, since it was beautiful and in the mid-40s. Still no snow in the forecast. It's very odd for February in Minnesota.

10. Two kids, fast asleep together, determined to make a twin bed work for them.Link

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pakosta said...

LOVE that they want to sleep together, precious!!!
maybe you should go around with your camera, take tons of pictures of different things he likes (trucks etc.) and make them into a hardcover book, with your own story?! that would be a fun project!