Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday-Wednesday.

1. Got my camera back from Canon and now it won't communicate with my computer. Thank goodness for my iPhone!

2. Fisher is super into drawing suddenly. Mostly submarines and fireboats and destroyers, and lots of letter Bs.

3. It's Leap Day, and since I'm a sucker for all things memory-keeping, we're compiling a family time capsule, which we'll seal til the next Leap Day. Goodness our life has grown in the last four years, and I can't even imagine the changes by 2016.

4. Fisher (all of us, really) greatly enjoys his Ice Cream Sundays.5. I finished Henrietta Lacks and am onto Dead End in Norvelt and then Why We Broke Up.

6. Since it's the last day of February, that means tomorrow is the first of March, which means birthday season is right around the corner for our family. We'll be at Grandma's for Fisher's birthday, and I'm hoping to steer Alla away from a big party for a change. Fingers crossed.

7. The kids' favorite art supplies of late are oil pastels and watercolors. Fisher especially loves his goldenrod-colored oil pastel.

8. I adore Pinterest for all the ideas. Lately I'm collecting great ideas for long summer days with kiddos home.

9. Still really feel lucky to have Nana and Pappi so close to us, so they can just pop over for lunch.10. We finally got some snow last night (along with rain and sleet, so it's mostly a lot of slop), and Fisher got a snow day! Unfortunately Alla didn't, but I think she's probably glad for that since it was fake moustache day!


Megan said...

March starts our second round of birthday season. Jacob's will be celebrated at Disneyland but not sure about Jamie's idea yet.

Sara said...

I can't tell you how much Adam LOVES his oil pastels. It is amazing! He used them to draw a picture for his Rhino project at school. Thank you for the wonderful gift.